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  1. objectivity
  2. quandary
  3. dubious
  4. maverick
  5. ambivalent
  1. a a state of uncertainty or perplexity
  2. b one who resists adherence to a group
  3. c treating facts uninfluenced by emotion
  4. d simultaneously feeling opposing feelings; uncertain
  5. e doubtful; of unlikely authenticity

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  1. strikingly new or unusual
  2. having great depth or seriousness
  3. not genuine; false; counterfeit
  4. marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
  5. conspicuously bad or offensive

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  1. plausibleto ease a pain or a burden


  2. floriddescribing flowery or elaborate speech


  3. tenuoushaving little substance or strength; unsure; weak


  4. obstinatestubbornly adhering to an opinion


  5. gratuitoushateful; marked by deep-seated ill will


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