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  1. diligent
  2. rancorous
  3. impartial
  4. eclectic
  5. contemporary
  1. a marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
  2. b made up of a variety of sources or styles
  3. c not in favor of one side or the other
  4. d hateful; marked by deep-seated ill will
  5. e current, modern; from the same time

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  1. describing flowery or elaborate speech
  2. short-lived; temporary
  3. describing a showy or pretentious display
  4. a state of uncertainty or perplexity
  5. introducing something new

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  1. aestheticfeeling or showing little emotion


  2. prosaicunimaginative; dull


  3. profoundof chief concern or importance


  4. cogentconvincing; reasonable


  5. comprehensivelarge in scope or content


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