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  1. obstinate
  2. ambivalent
  3. mollify
  4. laudatory
  5. florid
  1. a to calm or soothe
  2. b stubbornly adhering to an opinion
  3. c giving praise
  4. d simultaneously feeling opposing feelings; uncertain
  5. e describing flowery or elaborate speech

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  1. given freely, unearned; unwarranted
  2. feeling or showing little emotion
  3. marked by painstaking effort; hard-working
  4. not in favor of one side or the other
  5. not genuine; false; counterfeit

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  1. auspiciousfavorable; promising


  2. abstractindifferent to pleasure or pain; impassive


  3. innovativedispersed throughout


  4. convictiona fixed or strong belief


  5. exculpateto free from guilt or blame


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