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  1. contemporary
  2. quandary
  3. hackneyed
  4. penitent
  5. obdurate
  1. a stubborn; inflexible
  2. b worn-out through overuse; trite
  3. c expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
  4. d a state of uncertainty or perplexity
  5. e current, modern; from the same time

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  1. one who resists adherence to a group
  2. inborn; built-in
  3. freed from blame
  4. strikingly new or unusual
  5. feeling or showing little emotion

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  1. objectivitytreating facts uninfluenced by emotion


  2. transitorygiven freely, unearned; unwarranted


  3. abstractgeneral;not concrete


  4. plausibleto ease a pain or a burden


  5. pervasiveintroducing something new


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