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  1. ostentatious
  2. penitent
  3. impartial
  4. timorous
  5. stoic
  1. a timid; fearful about the future
  2. b describing a showy or pretentious display
  3. c expressing remorse for one's misdeeds
  4. d not in favor of one side or the other
  5. e indifferent to pleasure or pain; impassive

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  1. short-lived; temporary
  2. general;not concrete
  3. to ease a pain or a burden
  4. of chief concern or importance
  5. freed from blame

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  1. plausibledispersed throughout


  2. tenuoushaving little substance or strength; unsure; weak


  3. inherentinborn; built-in


  4. novelstrikingly new or unusual


  5. rancoroustimid; fearful about the future


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