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  1. Magnitude
  2. The size of its magnitude
  3. Pacific Ring of Fire
  4. Aftershocks
  5. Damage
  1. a a measure of the energy released by an earthquake
  2. b What classifies a major earthquake and what classifies a microquake?
  3. c The Mercalli Scale includes a description that expresses what?
  4. d tremor that follows and is smaller that a major earthquake
  5. e major earthquake zone that forms a ring around the Pacific ocean

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  1. What can S-waves travel through?
  2. the point on the earth's surface directly above the focus
  3. expresses the intensity of an earthquake with a Roman numeral and description
  4. move the fastest, and are the first to be recorded
  5. How many seismograph locations are needed to locate the epicenter of an earthquake?

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  1. Intermediate-focus earthquakesoccur at a depth between 70km-300km


  2. LiquidsWhat can S-waves travel through?


  3. MircoquakesWhat can S-waves NOT travel through?


  4. Shallow-focus earthquakesoccur in the subduction zones


  5. Deep-focus earthquakescause the most damage


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