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  1. diligent
  2. impoverished
  3. incessant
  4. lucid
  5. hew
  1. a adj, poor in state of pverty; depleted
    syn: poverty-stricken, destitute, indigent
    ant: rich, wealthy, affluent, prosperous
  2. b adj. never stopping, going on all the time
    syn:ceaseless, constant, uniterrupted
    ant:occasional, sporadic, intermittent
  3. c v. to shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to
    syn: chop, hack, fell, adhere, conform
  4. d adj easy to understand, clear, rational, sane
    syn: limpid, intelligible
    ant:murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligable
  5. e adj. hardworking, industrious, not lazy
    syn: assiduous, sedulous
    ant: lazy, indolent, cursory, perfunctory

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  1. v. to take the place of, supercede
    syn: replace, displace, oust
  2. v. to pay for
    syn: settle, bear the cost, foot the bill
  3. adj. complicated; difficult to understand
    syn:complex, convoluted
    ant: simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated
  4. adj. frightful, horrible; deathly pale
    syn:dreadfall, appalling, gruesome, grisly
    ant:pleseant, agreeable, attractive, delightful
  5. adj. occuring or publishing after death
    syn: postmortem
    ant: prenatal

5 True/False Questions

  1. bondagev. to make up for
    syn: expiate, make amends for


  2. superfluousadj. exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
    syn: surplus, supererogatory
    ant: necessary, essential, vital, indispensable


  3. dolefulv. to pay for
    syn: settle, bear the cost, foot the bill


  4. sardonicv. to make up for
    syn: expiate, make amends for


  5. atonev. to jeer at, mock, n. an insulting or mocking remark
    syn:v. ridicule, deride
    ant:v. cheer, applaude, acclaim


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