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  1. when was first building for federal courts built?
    where did they used to meet?
  2. Article 2
  3. 2nd home of congress
  4. amendment 19
  5. who has ability to change laws?
    somewhat vague
  1. a Philadelphia, PA
  2. b Executive Branch
  3. c 1935
    floor of the capital
  4. d women suffrage- vote
    congress had power to enforce legislation
  5. e congress
    article 2
    article 3

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  1. due to lack of central authority in Articles of Confederation
  2. abolition of poll tax
    poll taxes no longer be used in president or congress elections
  3. "lame duck" amendment
    Section 1: short length of time between election and inauguration
    Section 2: new congress session begins on Jan 3, President- Jan 20
    Section 3: VP takes office if president dies before inauguration
  4. civil suits
    $20 amendment
    jury trial is provided for in civil case
  5. presidential disability and succession
    replacing president and VP
    replacing president with consent
    replacing president without consent

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  1. treatyaccuse (ex. Johnson, Nixon, and Clinton)


  2. amendment 14rights of citizens
    personalized southern sates that refused to grant all citizens the right to vote
    kept confed. leaders from serving in gov't
    war debts


  3. article 4 section 4congressional elections


  4. amendment 23restraint on congress salaries
    any increase in salaries of members of congress will take place in the next session of congress


  5. amendment 18abolition of slavery
    act which ended slavery
    prohibits the binding of a person to service due to debt
    cong. had power to enforce by legislation


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