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  1. Article 4 section 3
  2. article 2 section 2
  3. Article 1 Section 4
  4. 2nd home of congress
  5. 1st pres. under constitution
  1. a Philadelphia, PA
  2. b powers of the president
    A. Military powers- president is commander in chief, can require opinion of Executive departments, can grant pardons & reprieves except in the case of impeachment
    B. treaties, appointments
    C. vacancies
  3. c george washington- 1789
  4. d congressional elections
  5. e New states
    A. admission
    B. congressional authority

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  1. 2
  2. powers reserved to the people
    people's rights are not limited to those found in the constitution
  3. u.s. laws, constitution, treaties, maritime issues, and bankruptcy
  4. payment & privileges
  5. amending the constitution- 1 section

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  1. article 4 section 2rights of citizens
    A. citizenship
    B. extradition


  2. executive agreementagreement between leaders


  3. Judicial activismsupreme court involved in cases


  4. what does it mean to be imeached?Accuses NOT kicked out
    begins: h.o.p
    goes to trial
    ex. Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon all impeached. Nixon only one who left office before verdict reached. others remained


  5. what is jurisdictionauthority


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