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  1. The language "The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation" is used in what amendments?
  2. expressed powers
  3. article 1 section 6
  4. article 2 section 1
  5. amendment 12
  1. a 8,14,15,18,19,23,24,26
  2. b the presidency
    A. terms of office- 4 years
    B. Electoral college- vote for president
    C. Qualifications- Natural born citizen, 35
    D. Succession- Vice President
    E. Salary- > $500k
    F. Oath of office- said before entrance
  3. c payment & privileges
  4. d election of president and vp
    changes article 2, section 1, clause 3
    states that voters are to cast separate ballots for pres. and vp
  5. e enumerated powers- powers directly stated in the constitution in article 1 section 8. 18 total- 5 with economic legislation, 7 provide for defense

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  1. The Judiciary branch
  2. 1. 2/3 vote of both houses of congress (290 h.o.p.) (67 senate)
    2. 2/3 states must call national convention (34 states)
  3. rules & procedures
  4. powers reserved to the people
    people's rights are not limited to those found in the constitution
  5. no cruel and unusual punishment (Bail & Punishment)
    bail cannot be set too high

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  1. amendment 27restraint on congress salaries
    any increase in salaries of members of congress will take place in the next session of congress


  2. article 1 section 7Senate


  3. amendment 20repeal of prohibition
    only amendment to be ratified by state conventions rather than legislature
    nullified 18th amendment


  4. how many alabama state senators?
    how many alabama reps?


  5. Article 4 section 3treason


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