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  1. amendment 7
  2. 2nd home of congress
  3. what was proposed by congress on September 25, 1791?
    Dec. 15, 1791- ratified
  4. specific powers
  5. amendment 25
  1. a presidential disability and succession
    replacing president and VP
    replacing president with consent
    replacing president without consent
  2. b Philadelphia, PA
  3. c civil suits
    $20 amendment
    jury trial is provided for in civil case
  4. d The Bill of rights
  5. e sections 2 & 3 of article 2 give powers of president
    ex. pardons, treaties, commander in chief, "faithfully executes" laws of the US

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  1. due to lack of central authority in Articles of Confederation
  2. becomes- ability to decide if something's constitutional
  3. powers reserved to the states
    people are protected from the gov't
    people and states retain all power except for those specified
  4. agreement between leaders
  5. yes; Jackson and FDR

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  1. petitionamending the constitution- 1 section


  2. Article 1 Section 4congressional elections


  3. Amendment 3-quartering troops (1791)
    -people have a right to privacy in their own homes
    -based on colonists grievances to Britain during Amer. Rev.


  4. how many alabama state senators?
    how many alabama reps?


  5. article 4 section 1state acts and records


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