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  1. 1. Play
    2. Make their day
    3. Be there
    4. choose your attitude
  2. A mental view or outlook; a point of view about a particular topic.
  3. The scientifi study of human and animal behavior and mental processes.
  4. An unfair act or policy; a preference that inhibits impartial judgement.
  5. The act or process of gaining knowledge or skills.

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  1. What will an understanding of basic knowledge help to provide?A more accurate perspective.


  2. List the 4 memory strategies.1. Maintenance rehearsal/repetition
    2. Elaboration
    3. Mnemonic device
    4. Chunking


  3. What are the 4 ACT skills?1. Main Idea
    2. Significant Details
    3. Meaning of Words
    4. Inference


  4. What are the 3 different learning styles?1. Linguistic
    2. Logicial/Mathmatical
    3. Spatial
    4. Bodily-kinesthetic
    5. Musicial
    6. Interpersonal
    7. Intrapersonal
    8. Naturalistic


  5. Culturally LiterateThe ability to understand and adapt to the environment by using a combination of inborn abilities and learning experiences (differs across cultures)


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