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  1. Howard Gardner
  2. The act or process of gaining knowledge or skills.
  3. 1. Make you a more well rounded person
    2. give you more options in life
  4. A more accurate perspective.
  5. To have the basic knowledge that enables a person to function in modern society.

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  1. List the 4 memory strategies.1. Maintenance rehearsal/repetition
    2. Elaboration
    3. Mnemonic device
    4. Chunking


  2. What are the 3 different learning styles?1. Auditory
    2. Kinesthetic
    3. Visual


  3. BiasAn unfair act or policy; a preference that inhibits impartial judgement.


  4. PerspectiveA mental view or outlook; a point of view about a particular topic.


  5. What are the 4 ACT skills?1. Main Idea
    2. Significant Details
    3. Meaning of Words
    4. Inference


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