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  1. 1. Make you a more well rounded person
    2. give you more options in life
  2. A mental view or outlook; a point of view about a particular topic.
  3. 1. Play
    2. Make their day
    3. Be there
    4. choose your attitude
  4. The scientifi study of human and animal behavior and mental processes.
  5. An unfair act or policy; a preference that inhibits impartial judgement.

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  1. What are the 4 ACT skills?1. Main Idea
    2. Significant Details
    3. Meaning of Words
    4. Inference


  2. Culturally LiterateThe ability to understand and adapt to the environment by using a combination of inborn abilities and learning experiences (differs across cultures)


  3. What are the 3 different learning styles?1. Linguistic
    2. Logicial/Mathmatical
    3. Spatial
    4. Bodily-kinesthetic
    5. Musicial
    6. Interpersonal
    7. Intrapersonal
    8. Naturalistic


  4. What does having basic knowledge allow a person to do?Communicate more effectively in their neighborhoods with friends or in the woorkplace.


  5. Who developed the multiple intelligences theory?Howard Gardner


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