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  1. bit map advantage
  2. 16 bit color
  3. bit depth
  4. lossy compression
  5. Unicode
  1. a photos, images that can't easily be represented as shapes
  2. b some resolution data is lost, image quality affected
  3. c 64 thousand colours
  4. d number of bits used to code a colour, aka colour depth
  5. e 16 bit code to represent characters from all the world's alphabets and symbols

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  1. 4 bytes with binary place values 2^0 to 2^31, maximum value (2^32)-1
  2. no resolution information is lost
  3. limit for smallest value (near zero) and largest value on number line depends on number of bits for exponent (moves the point)
  4. 7 bit code representing (only) latin type alphabets and language symbols
  5. accuracy of a floating point value depends on number of bits for mantissa (significant digits)

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  1. 8 bit color256 possible colours


  2. image file sizebitmap file size depends on the resolution and the bit depth for pixel colour; (length in pixels) x (breadth in pixels) x (bit depth)


  3. unicode disadvantagelimited types of image possible, drawings only


  4. two's complement (8 bit)represents negative and positive numbers in the range -128 to +127


  5. vector graphicimage can scale to any size without increasing file size, shapes are fully editable by amending numbers that represent attributes eg change layer


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