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  1. illegible
  2. lucrative
  3. feint
  4. proliferate
  5. unflinching
  1. a bringing in money
  2. b difficult or impossible to read
  3. c a deliberately deceptive movement
  4. d to reproduce, increase, or spread rapidly
  5. e firm, showing no signs of fear

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  1. to conquer by force
  2. having a pleasing appearance
  3. to make fun of rudely
  4. the process of driving or forcing out
  5. to soil, stain, tarnish

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  1. adjournaverage, ordinary


  2. compensatehaving a pleasing appearance


  3. erraticto strengthen, build up


  4. fodderto make fun of rudely


  5. tantalizea person who comes from a foreign country


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