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  1. Stonehenge
  2. Augustine
  3. 1066
  4. Arthur
  5. England, Wales, Scotland
  1. a What year did William the Conqueror conquer England
  2. b Welsh King, who went up the Anglo--Saxons, his stories were written down by Sir. Thomas Mallo
  3. c Brought Christianity to England in 597
  4. d The Iberian people built it around 3000 B.C., built in 3 stages. It was believed to have healing powers because of the bluestone, which came from Northern Wales. Located about an hour from London.
  5. e Where are the Celts from?

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  1. Roman Emperor who built a wall in Northern England to keep out Celts.
  2. 7 different kingdoms around England
  3. Contributions of the Church
  4. A person sings poetry and stories in song form
  5. Other name for William the Conqueror

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  1. Sir. Thomas MalloMan who wrote down stories of Arthur


  2. bretwaldaAnglo-Saxon word for ruling King


  3. Mead hallAnother word for alcohol


  4. 450-1066Years of the Anglo-Saxon period


  5. FranceWhere is Normandy?


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