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  1. mead
  2. Boadicea
  3. Mead hall
  4. Kent, Sussex, Wessex, Essex, East Anglia, Mercia, Northumbria
  5. Hadrian
  1. a Another word for alcohol
  2. b Where kings and thanes lived during this time?
  3. c Roman Emperor who built a wall in Northern England to keep out Celts.
  4. d Celtic Queen who fought against the Romans, who won some battles.
  5. e 7 different kingdoms around England

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  1. The Iberian people built it around 3000 B.C., built in 3 stages. It was believed to have healing powers because of the bluestone, which came from Northern Wales. Located about an hour from London.
  2. A religious group associated with Stonehedge and nature, Celtic religious group, Paegan
  3. A person sings poetry and stories in song form
  4. Brought Christianity to England in 597
  5. Major events that occurred in other parts of the world.

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  1. LondiniumA gladiator who took over England from the Celts in about 44 A.D , when they ruled for 400 years


  2. Iberians, Celts, Romans, Anglo-Saxon, Vikings, Normans (William the Conqueror from Normandy)7 different kingdoms around England


  3. England, Wales, ScotlandOther name for William the Conqueror


  4. Literacy in Latin, trade with other countries, idea of unity and peaceWhere are the Celts from?


  5. 450-1066Years of the Anglo-Saxon period


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