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Beowulf Review-Background Test

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  1. Hadrian
  2. Londinium
  3. Stonehenge
  4. scop
  5. England, Wales, Scotland
  1. a Where are the Celts from?
  2. b A person sings poetry and stories in song form
  3. c Old name of London, given by the Romans
  4. d Roman Emperor who built a wall in Northern England to keep out Celts.
  5. e The Iberian people built it around 3000 B.C., built in 3 stages. It was believed to have healing powers because of the bluestone, which came from Northern Wales. Located about an hour from London.

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  1. 7 different kingdoms around England
  2. A gladiator who took over England from the Celts in about 44 A.D , when they ruled for 400 years
  3. Contributions of Roman invaders
  4. Man who wrote down stories of Arthur
  5. Major events that occurred in other parts of the world.

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  1. bretwaldaAnglo-Saxon word for ruling King


  2. FranceWhere is Normandy?


  3. Literacy in Latin, trade with other countries, idea of unity and peaceContributions of the Church


  4. DruidsWhere is Normandy?


  5. William of NormandyRoman Emperor who built a wall in Northern England to keep out Celts.


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