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  1. A skater in a parking lot. Can she have a constant speed and changing velocity? Can she have a changing speed and constant velocity? Explain your answer.
  2. At the same speed, a bowling ball is harder to stop than a soccer ball because the bowling ball has greater......
  3. An object changing its speed from 12 m/s to 5 m/s is undergoing what kind of acceleration?
  4. Acceleration is.....
  5. Motion is......
  1. a mass (inertia)
  2. b a change in position.
  3. c Yes
    You can be changing direction at constant speed to produce changing velocity. Any change in speed results in a change in velocity.
  4. d The rate of change of velocity
  5. e Negative

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  1. speed=distance/time s=d/t
  2. Law of inertia
  3. The mass of an object
  4. Yes, constant speed without friction
  5. Velocity (speed)


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  1. Why does an object moving at a constant speed have velocity?Because it's changing direction.


  2. What does a horizontal line on a velocity/time graph show?zero acceleration


  3. What does the slope of the distance-time graph give?Speed


  4. 3 m/s north is an example of what?Velocity


  5. If you ride your bicycle down a straight road 2 miles and then turn around and ride back, your distance is __________________________ your displacement.Because it's changing direction.


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