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  1. Why is it necessary to wear a seat belt to hold you in place if you are riding in a car that stops suddenly?
  2. Inertia varies depending on what?
  3. Two cars are trafveling along the same road at the same speed, but different velocities. Explain.
  4. If the forces acting on an object at rest are ________________________, the object wll remain at rest.
  5. 3 m/s north is an example of what?
  1. a The mass of an object
  2. b Balanced forces
  3. c If not, you will continue moving forward at the car's original speed.
  4. d Velocity
  5. e Opposite directions at the same speed.

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  1. Initial
  2. a measure of how far an object has moved.
  3. Final velocity
  4. Velocity (speed)

  5. Speed

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  1. Equation for accelerationa=vf-vi/t


  2. If you ride your bicycle down a straight road 2 miles and then turn around and ride back, your distance is __________________________ your displacement.Because it's changing direction.


  3. Motion is......a change in position.


  4. Why does an object moving at a constant speed have velocity?zero acceleration


  5. A skater in a parking lot. Can she have a constant speed and changing velocity? Can she have a changing speed and constant velocity? Explain your answer.Yes
    You can be changing direction at constant speed to produce changing velocity. Any change in speed results in a change in velocity.


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