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  1. The process by which a cloud droplet first forms is
  2. During the summer season, the subtropical high found in the North
  3. The definition of the word "monsoon" means
  4. The term pressure gradient refers to
  5. Identify the choice above that represents low pressure center in the Northern Hemisphere
  1. a Bermuda high.
  2. b graph b
  3. c seasonal wind shift.
  4. d condensation
  5. e change in pressure along a horizontal surface

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  1. cirrus
  2. mT
  3. high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies
  4. air being cooled as it rises.
  5. dry all year around

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  1. Which air mass code letter is paired with the wrong word?t = temperate


  2. When air moves from the ocean onto land:converging winds and ascending air result over the land.


  3. An air mass from the Gulf of Mexico that moves northward over the U.S. in winter would be labeled1013 mb


  4. Why are high altitude clouds always so thin?to the lee of mountains


  5. Most of the United States is situated in which zone of prevailing winds?westerlies


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