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Weather and Climate Test

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  1. The Bergeron process causes cloud droplets to grow because:
  2. Salt, dust particles, silver iodide, and combustion by-products are all examples of:
  3. An air mass from the Gulf of Mexico that moves northward over the U.S. in winter would be labeled
  4. Which of the following statements about airflow in the middle and upper troposphere is true?
  5. Freezing rain (ice storm) or sleet occurs when
  1. a Except near the equator, the flow is from west to east.
  2. b upper air is warm and surface air is cold
  3. c condensation nuclei.
  4. d the saturation vapor pressure is lower near ice crystals than it is near supercooled droplets.
  5. e mTw

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  1. warm and dry
  2. winter dry season
  3. viscosity.
  4. mT
  5. steam fog.

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  1. The term pressure gradient refers tolow cloud...stratus


  2. The wind speed normally increases with height in the layer of air next to the ground. This illustrates the fact thatt = temperate


  3. All of the following are necessary ingredients for cloud formation EXCEPT:warm surface air temperatures.


  4. According to Hadley, the most important factor causing circulation patterns in the atmosphere wasequator-pole temperature contrast


  5. The definition of the word "monsoon" meansseasonal wind shift.


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