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  1. Why do surface winds cross the isobars at an angle toward lower pressure (instead of blowing parallel to the isobars)?
  2. The process that brings cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface along the coasts of Peru and Ecuador is called
  3. High air pressure zones are usually associated with:
  4. Freezing rain (ice storm) or sleet occurs when
  5. The effect of friction on the wind alters its
  1. a relatively dry conditions.
  2. b upwelling
  3. c speed and direction.
  4. d upper air is warm and surface air is cold
  5. e Friction reduces the speed so Coriolis is weakened.

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  1. the air being cooled.
  2. days.
  3. ITCZ
  4. cirrus
  5. graph c

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  1. The Bergeron process causes cloud droplets to grow because:seasonal wind shift.


  2. Concerning rainfall patterns, areas of persistent high pressure tend to causedesert regions.


  3. Where are lenticular clouds most likely to form?high cloud...stratus


  4. Why do clouds represent a source of heat for the atmosphere?Cloud formation releases latent heat to the air.


  5. Large scale wind circulation systems that reverse with the seasons are calledmonsoons


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