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  1. Contrails formed by aircrafts most closely mimic which type of cloud?
  2. The region where the northeast trades meet the southeast trades is known as the
  3. The wind speed normally increases with height in the layer of air next to the ground. This illustrates the fact that
  4. The ________ cloud is confined to the middle height range.
  5. Which of the following statements is TRUE of lake-effect snowfall?
  1. a friction is present only close to the ground.
  2. b ITCZ
  3. c altostratus
  4. d cirrus
  5. e Along the Great Lakes, lake-effect snowfall usually only occurs within 80 km of the leeward lake shores.

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  1. altostratus
  2. lines connecting points of equal air pressure
  3. Except near the equator, the flow is from west to east.
  4. low cloud...stratus
  5. are generally faster than surface winds

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  1. During the summer season, the subtropical high found in the NorthBermuda high.


  2. The typical amount of time it takes for an air mass to pass over a given area is on the order of a fewdays.


  3. Neglecting friction, the speed and direction of the horizontal wind are determined bypressure gradient and Coriolis


  4. Which type of cloud is most likely to form a halo around the Sun or the Moon?cirrostratus


  5. The air mass type most likely to form thunderstorms ismT


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