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  1. Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude and
  2. The growth of a hailstone usually involves everything EXCEPT:
  3. High air pressure zones are usually associated with:
  4. Upper air winds:
  5. Of the following cloud types, which is most likely to produce the most rain?
  1. a relatively dry conditions.
  2. b spontaneous freezing of large water droplets.
  3. c nimbostratus
  4. d form or appearance.
  5. e are generally faster than surface winds

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  1. cirrus
  2. westerlies
  3. high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies
  4. pressure gradient and Coriolis
  5. high cloud...stratus

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  1. Lines connecting places having equal rainfall on a map are called:isohyets


  2. The Gulf Stream is the name given toa warm current carrying water from the equator along the East Coast of the United States.


  3. The primary force causing ocean currents isthe major winds.


  4. Which of the following statements about airflow in the middle and upper troposphere is true?Along the Great Lakes, lake-effect snowfall usually only occurs within 80 km of the leeward lake shores.


  5. What option below best characterizes the rainfall distribution at a station located south of the Sahara desert at about 20 degrees N latitude?1013 mb


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