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  1. Which of the following statements is TRUE of lake-effect snowfall?
  2. Which association is correct?
  3. Clouds, dew and frost all form because air has become saturated. This condition of saturation is usually caused by
  4. A cumulus cloud is recognized mainly by its
  5. The Gulf Stream is the name given to
  1. a obvious vertical dimension.
  2. b low cloud...stratus
  3. c the air being cooled.
  4. d a warm current carrying water from the equator along the East Coast of the United States.
  5. e Along the Great Lakes, lake-effect snowfall usually only occurs within 80 km of the leeward lake shores.

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  1. high cloud...stratus
  2. days.
  3. spontaneous freezing of large water droplets.
  4. zero
  5. decrease.

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  1. Upper air winds:warm and dry


  2. Which air mass code letter is paired with the wrong word?t = temperate


  3. A cT air mass is:are generally faster than surface winds


  4. A(n) ________ is a layer of dark gray clouds that produces precipitationnimbostratus


  5. The definition of the word "monsoon" meansseasonal wind shift.


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