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  1. When are upper air winds fastest?
  2. The most common way for air to be cooled in order that a cloud may form is by
  3. The process by which a cloud droplet first forms is
  4. Which of the following statements is TRUE of lake-effect snowfall?
  5. The process of releasing silver iodide into the atmosphere to stimulate rainfall is called
  1. a the saturation vapor pressure is lower near ice crystals than it is near supercooled droplets.
  2. b condensation
  3. c in winter
  4. d Along the Great Lakes, lake-effect snowfall usually only occurs within 80 km of the leeward lake shores.
  5. e rising and expanding.

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  1. cumulonimbus
  2. desert regions
  3. days.
  4. upwelling
  5. mT

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  1. Salt, dust particles, silver iodide, and combustion by-products are all examples of:condensation nuclei.


  2. This cloud sometimes produces mare's tails.cirrus


  3. Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude andair being cooled as it rises.


  4. Clouds and precipitation form in the air primarily due toair being cooled as it rises.


  5. The Bergeron process causes cloud droplets to grow because:change in pressure along a horizontal surface


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