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  1. Hygroscopic nuclei:
  2. You would expect vertical airflow in an anticyclone to result in
  3. The important difference between liquid droplets and ice crystals in a supercooled cloud is that ice crystals
  4. All of the following are necessary ingredients for cloud formation EXCEPT:
  5. Which of these is a mid-level cloud?
  1. a convergence aloft.
  2. b warm surface air temperatures.
  3. c grow much more rapidly.
  4. d can allow cloud droplets to form even if the relative humidity is
  5. e altostratus

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  1. cirrus
  2. form or appearance.
  3. high cloud...stratus
  4. graph c
  5. friction is present only close to the ground

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  1. The ________ air mass provides much of the moisture for precipitation in the central and eastern United States.converging winds and ascending air result over the land.


  2. Large scale wind circulation systems that reverse with the seasons are calledisohyets


  3. The process that brings cold, nutrient-rich water to the surface along the coasts of Peru and Ecuador is calledupwelling


  4. The wave-like or meandering pattern of the upper level winds in middle latitudes is of major importance forhigh relative humidity and clear nighttime skies


  5. A radiation fog requires which of the following in order to form?high relative humidity and clear nighttime skies


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