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  1. The important difference between liquid droplets and ice crystals in a supercooled cloud is that ice crystals
  2. The ________ cloud is confined to the middle height range.
  3. Clouds are classified and named according to their altitude and
  4. When geostrophic conditions exist in the atmosphere, the net force on the moving air is
  5. The definition of the word "monsoon" means
  1. a grow much more rapidly.
  2. b form or appearance.
  3. c altostratus
  4. d zero
  5. e seasonal wind shift.

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  1. warm surface air temperatures.
  2. have higher water vapor content.
  3. spontaneous freezing of large water droplets.
  4. westerlies
  5. converging winds and ascending air result over the land.

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  1. Thunder and lightning are associated with the ________ cloud.cumulonimbus


  2. When warm moist air moves over a cold surface, ________ fog may result.advection


  3. The two most important properties that should be relatively homogeneous at the same altitude in an air mass arenimbostratus


  4. The subpolar low (polar front) is:in winter


  5. This cloud sometimes produces mare's tails.lines connecting points of equal air pressure


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