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  1. Metaphor
  2. Short Story
  3. Symbolism
  4. Protagonist
  5. Parable
  1. a A short fictitious story that has a moral.
  2. b Narrative with very few characters and conflicts.
  3. c When an object represents an idea.
  4. d The main character or hero.
  5. e Comparing two things without using like, as, than.

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  1. Words that take on another meaning other than what they mean.
  2. The process of arriving at the conclusion, relative to the premises.
  3. The main person in the story.
  4. Fully developed character (good and bad traits)
  5. Words that appear to our senses.

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  1. ParallelismA short fictitious story that has a moral.


  2. StyleComparing two things using like, as, than.


  3. Dynamic CharacterUnder goes an inner image.


  4. Literal languageWords that mean exactly what they say.


  5. CharacterizationThe main person in the story.


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