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  1. Parallelism
  2. Character
  3. Sensory image
  4. Symbolism
  5. Flat Character
  1. a The main person in the story.
  2. b Embodies a single quality, doesn't change throughout the entire story.
  3. c Words that appear to our senses.
  4. d When an object represents an idea.
  5. e ...

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  1. The main character or hero.
  2. Words that mean exactly what they say.
  3. Narrative with very few characters and conflicts.
  4. Character does not change throughout story.
  5. The personality or attitude of the writer towards the book.

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  1. CharacterizationThe main person in the story.


  2. Figurative LanguageWords that take on another meaning other than what they mean.


  3. AnnotateTo supply with critical or explanatory notes.


  4. Dynamic CharacterUnder goes an inner image.


  5. SimileDistinctive quality or type of writing.


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