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  1. no executive of judicial branches, only created a unicameral legislature, 2/3 of the majority of states was necessary to pass laws, amendments needed a unanimous yes vote, no national identity or pride
  2. 2/3 of congress and 3/4 of the states
  3. federalists
  4. executive branch
  5. Daniel Shays
  1. a failures of the Art. of Conf.
  2. b formula for approving amendments of the constitution
  3. c enforces law
  4. d Led a rebellion that led to the ending of the Articles of Confederation and the development of the US constitution
  5. e approved of the constitution and a federal system

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  1. First and last battles of the revolutionary war
  2. fur trade, iron works, NY and PA are fastest growing colonies
  3. dissaproved of federalism and the constitution
  4. Intolerable Acts
  5. Wrote about the seperation of powers in government

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  1. Precedenceruling on a similar case that was similar


  2. how many counties are there in nc100 counties


  3. set plan for the expansion of the nation, created the Northwest Ordinance, gave congress the power to limit slavery in hew territories (new ordinance)Successes of the Art. of Confederation


  4. Article 1-Legislative Branch, Article 2- Executive Branch, Article 3- Judicial BranchWhat are the first three articles of the constitution?


  5. ratifyaccept


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