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  1. declaration of rights
  2. Salutary Neglect
  3. Rhode island, believed the government would have too much power under the constitution
  4. The Preamble, followed by seven articles, then 27 amendments
  5. how many counties are there in nc
  1. a found in article one of the NC constitution
  2. b 100 counties
  3. c Friendly neglect; Britain makes laws for America but doesn't enforce them/leaves them alone
  4. d which state didn't go to the constitutional convention and why
  5. e layout of the constitution

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  1. dissaproved of federalism and the constitution
  2. What are the first three articles of the constitution?
  3. To refuse to buy/sell/trade with another
  4. change
  5. Ben Franklin, George Washington (president of Convention), James Madison, missing T. Jefferson (in France as ambassador)

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  1. Inalienable Rightslife, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness


  2. number of senators plus number of representativesformula for approving amendments of the constitution


  3. Results of 2nd Continental Congresspassed the declaration of independance, declaring the colonies free from britain


  4. Middle ColoniesPlantations for farming, slave labor, "cash crops" rice, tobacco, indigo, cotton


  5. Mecklenburg ResolvesNC became the first colonial gov't to call for total independance from great britain with this event


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