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  1. executive branch
  2. Salutary Neglect
  3. Attended the Constitutional Convention
  4. set plan for the expansion of the nation, created the Northwest Ordinance, gave congress the power to limit slavery in hew territories (new ordinance)
  5. ratify
  1. a accept
  2. b Successes of the Art. of Confederation
  3. c Ben Franklin, George Washington (president of Convention), James Madison, missing T. Jefferson (in France as ambassador)
  4. d Friendly neglect; Britain makes laws for America but doesn't enforce them/leaves them alone
  5. e enforces law

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  1. every slave counted as 3/5th of a person
  2. event that lead to deciding to boycott british goods and ended in deciding to see what happened (waiting for future events)
  3. Whale oil, fish, lumber, shipbuilding (became master shipbuilders), furniture, created denser port cities
  4. found in article one of the NC constitution
  5. failures of the Art. of Conf.

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  1. where is the right to an education foundben franklin


  2. anti-federalistspowers split between state and nat'l gov't


  3. The Preamble, followed by seven articles, then 27 amendmentslayout of the constitution


  4. Precedenceruling on a similar case that was similar


  5. Glorious RevolutionParliament appointed William and Mary to take the throne without any bloodshed or fighting


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