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  1. The Preamble, followed by seven articles, then 27 amendments
  2. Inalienable Rights
  3. where is the right to an education found
  4. declaration of rights
  5. Declatory Act
  1. a section 15
  2. b Asserts Britain and British parliament to have exclusive rights to legislate and tax colonies as they pleased
  3. c found in article one of the NC constitution
  4. d life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  5. e layout of the constitution

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  1. written plan of government
  2. formula for approving amendments of the constitution
  3. "Bread Basket" colonies, wheat and grain crops
  4. event that lead to deciding to boycott british goods and ended in deciding to see what happened (waiting for future events)
  5. Naval stores, turpentine/resin for shipbuilding (became known as the tarheels), cotton (textiles), no big cities because of rivers

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  1. oldest delagate at conventionproposed by roger sherman and oliver ellsworth and was adopted, bicameral house of reps based on state population and a senate with equal representation


  2. halifax resolvesNC became the first colonial gov't to call for total independance from great britain with this event


  3. 3/5th comprimiseevery slave counted as 3/5th of a person


  4. article 7describes process for ratification of the constitution


  5. New Englandone house senate with equal representation per state


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