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  1. corporate bonds
  2. 3 things macroeconomics focus on
  3. 3 things that equal each other
  4. stagflation
  5. do you know how to physically calculate (real GDP)
  1. a Determinants of total national income.
    Aggregates of consumption and investment
    Overall level of prices
  2. b expenditures=income=output
  3. c both high inflation and high unemployment
  4. d promissory notes issued by firms when they borrow money
  5. e y/n?

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  1. GNP converted to dollars using an average of currency exchange rates over several years adjusted for rates of inflation
  2. portion of a firm's profits that the firm pays out each period to its shareholders
  3. Promissory notes issued by the federal government when it borrows money
  4. from trough to peak with increased output&employment
  5. Federal Reserve for
    money quantity
    (affects interest rates)

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  1. fiscal policyaffects:
    gov spending


  2. disposable personal income
    after-tax income
    households are spending a large amount relative to income


  3. personal saving ratethe percentage of disposable personal income that's saved.


  4. Sticky pricesprices that do not always adjust rapidly to maintain equality between quantity supplied and quantity demanded


  5. Three Market Arenasgoods and services


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