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  1. personal saving
  2. 3 things macroeconomics focus on
  3. in personal saving rate hight...
  4. 3 things that equal each other
  5. fixed-weight procedure
  1. a uses weights from a given base year
  2. b amount of disposable income left after personal spending
  3. c expenditures=income=output
  4. d households spending cautiously
  5. e Determinants of total national income.
    Aggregates of consumption and investment
    Overall level of prices

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  1. Promissory notes issued by the federal government when it borrows money
  2. the total income of households
  3. capital at the beginning+net investment
  4. the percentage of disposable personal income that's saved.
  5. the behavior of all households and firms together

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  1. statistical discrepancydata measurement error


  2. national income and product accountsthe total income earned by the factors of production owned by a country's citizens


  3. corporate bondsgross domestic product measured in current dollars


  4. aggregate outputtotal quantity of goods and services produced in an economy in a given period


  5. current dollarsgoods that firms produce now but intend to sell later.


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