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  1. Pious
  2. Tainted
  3. Condemn
  4. Undermine
  5. Covet
  1. a corrupted morally
  2. b desire wrongfully
  3. c showing an earnest wish to fulfillreligious obligations
  4. d impair or weaken
  5. e sentence to severe punishment

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  1. infliction of harm in return for some injury or offense
  2. enthusiastic or eager
  3. submission to the opinion of others
  4. trickery
  5. voluntary sexual activity between a man and a woman with someone besides their spouse

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  1. Evasiveenthusiastic or eager


  2. Perplexedconfused


  3. Depositiontrickery


  4. Indignantimpair or weaken


  5. Covenanteddesire wrongfully


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