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  1. microevolution
  2. allele
  3. meiosis
  4. adaptation
  5. discontinuous variation
  1. a phenotypic variation in which there are a discrete number of phenotypes with no intermediate types. Ex: pea color in Mendel's experiment
  2. b a FEATURE of an organism CREATED by the process of natural selection.
  3. c the process of cell division in which haploid gametes (eggs and sperm) are creatred
  4. d one of two or more alternative forms of a gene
  5. e evolution of populations within a species

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  1. refers to cells that have pairs of homologous chromosomes, where one chromosome of each pair is inherited from each parent. All primates are diploid
  2. chromosomes
  3. the process in which a single lineage diversifies into a number of species
  4. where there are specific, extreme changes in evolution. Like a square like tree
  5. carries genes and appears during cell division

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  1. phenotypethe genetic makeup of a trait


  2. allopatric speciationspeciation that occurs when two or more populations of a single species are geographically isolated from each other and then diverge to form two or more new species


  3. directional selectionwhere a single phenotype is favored, causing the allele frequency to continuously shift in one direction


  4. phylogenymany genes?


  5. What are the differences between DNA and RNAthe result of competition between two species that causes the members of different species to become morphologically or behaviorally more different from each other


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