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  1. gradualism
  2. what's a nucleotide composed of?
  3. allopatric speciation
  4. continuous variation
  5. homozygous
  1. a ex: height in humans, birthweight
  2. b a phosphate-sugar base
  3. c opposite of punctuated equilibrium
  4. d a diploid organism whose chromosomes have two copies of the SAME allele. Opposite of heterozygous
  5. e speciation that occurs when two or more populations of a single species are geographically isolated from each other and then diverge to form two or more new species

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  1. carries genes and appears during cell division
  2. DNA is double stranded while RNA is single stranded, DNA has only a nucleus but RNA can have a nucleus or a cytoplasm, the main ingredient in DNA is Thymine while in RNA it's Uracil.
  3. the genetic makeup of a trait
  4. the shown trait
  5. a steady state in which two or more alleles coexist in a population.

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  1. adaptive radiationthe process in which a single lineage diversifies into a number of species


  2. discontinuous variationex: height in humans, birthweight


  3. genes are carried onchromosomes


  4. reproductive isolationdriving force behind sympatric speciation extreme values for a trait are favored over intermediate values. E.g.: large nose rather than medium sized nose


  5. stabilizing selectionselection pressuresd that favor average phenotypes. Stabilizing sleection reduces the amount of variation in the population but doesn't alter the mean value of the trait.


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