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  1. punctuated equilibrium
  2. allele
  3. adaptive radiation
  4. homozygous
  5. stabilizing selection
  1. a the process in which a single lineage diversifies into a number of species
  2. b selection pressuresd that favor average phenotypes. Stabilizing sleection reduces the amount of variation in the population but doesn't alter the mean value of the trait.
  3. c a diploid organism whose chromosomes have two copies of the SAME allele. Opposite of heterozygous
  4. d one of two or more alternative forms of a gene
  5. e where there are specific, extreme changes in evolution. Like a square like tree

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  1. carries genes and appears during cell division
  2. a spontaneous change in the chemical structure of DNA
  3. refers to cells that have pairs of homologous chromosomes, where one chromosome of each pair is inherited from each parent. All primates are diploid
  4. a hypothesis that speciation can result from selective pressures favoring different phenotypes within a population without geographic isolation as a factor
  5. a phosphate-sugar base

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  1. meiosisthe process of cell division in which haploid gametes (eggs and sperm) are creatred


  2. bottleneck effectoccurs when a population endures a natural disaster and alleles are greatly reduced in diversity


  3. discontinuous variationphenotypic variation in which there are a discrete number of phenotypes with no intermediate types. Ex: pea color in Mendel's experiment


  4. gradualisma FEATURE of an organism CREATED by the process of natural selection.


  5. macroevolutionevolution of new species, families, and higher taxes


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