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  1. homozygous
  2. polygenic
  3. pleiotropy
  4. punctuated equilibrium
  5. mutation
  1. a where there are specific, extreme changes in evolution. Like a square like tree
  2. b many genes?
  3. c a spontaneous change in the chemical structure of DNA
  4. d a diploid organism whose chromosomes have two copies of the SAME allele. Opposite of heterozygous
  5. e genes that influence multiple traits

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  1. the form and structure of an organism
  2. the transfer of alleles of genes from one population to another
  3. the process of cell division in which haploid gametes (eggs and sperm) are creatred
  4. DNA is double stranded while RNA is single stranded, DNA has only a nucleus but RNA can have a nucleus or a cytoplasm, the main ingredient in DNA is Thymine while in RNA it's Uracil.
  5. where a single phenotype is favored, causing the allele frequency to continuously shift in one direction

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  1. macroevolutionevolution of populations within a species


  2. genotypethe genetic makeup of a trait


  3. homologous traitsstructural similarities derived from two species with independent ancestors. Eg. a bat's wing and a human's hands


  4. cladogenesisa gradual transformation of one species to another


  5. adaptive radiationthe process in which a single lineage diversifies into a number of species


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