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  1. Social Identities
  2. Bystander Effect
  3. Foot-In-Door-Phenonenon
  4. Group Think
  5. Social Traps
  1. a Associate ourselves with certain groups and contrast ourselves with others.
  2. b a situation in which the conflicting parties, by each rationally pursuing their self-interest, become caught in mutually destructive behavior.
  3. c the mode of thinking that occurs when the desire for harmony in a decision-making groups overrides a realistic oppraisal of alternatives.
  4. d the tendency for any given bystander to be less likely to give aid if other bystanders are present
  5. e the tendency for people who agree to a small action to comply later with a larger one

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  1. person's features are percieved as typical of their racial category
  2. an aroused state of intense positive absorption in another, usually present at the beginning of a love relationship
  3. the unselfish regard for the welfare of others
  4. that we will like those whose behavior is rewarding to us and that will we continue relationships that offer more rewards than costs.
  5. mental tapes for how to act provided by our culture

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  1. Outgroup"them" those percieved as different or apart from our group


  2. Social Exchange Theorythe theory that prejudice offers an outlet for anger by providing someone to blame


  3. Conformityadjusting our behavior or thinking toward some group standard


  4. Attitudefeelings, often influenced by our beliefs, that predispose our reactions to objects, people and events. Effects behavior


  5. Frustrationthe blocking of an attempt to achieve some goal


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