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  1. periosteum
  2. classification of bones
  3. bone deposition
  4. nutrient artery and nutrient vein
  5. osteosarcoma
  1. a main vessels serving the diaphysis
    - together run through a hole in the wall of the diaphysis, the nutrient foramen
  2. b form of bone cancer
    - usually originates in a long bone of the upper or lower limb
  3. c accomplished by osteoblasts
    - cells lay down organic osteoid on bone surfaces and calcium salts crystallize within this osteoid
  4. d long bones
    short bones
    flat bones
    irregular bones
  5. e connective tissue membrane that covers the entire outer surface of each bone except on the ends of the epiphyses, where articular cartilage occurs
    - provides insertion points for the tendons and ligaments that attach to a bone

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  1. "growth from within"
    chondrocytes within the cartilage divide and secrete new matrix
  2. (1) on the epiphyseal surfaces, where it forms the articular cartilages
    (2) between the diaphysis and epiphysis, where it forms the epiphyseal plates
  3. characterized by excessive rates of bone deposition and bone resorption
    - makes the bones soft and week
    - activity of soteoblasts outpaces that of osteoclasts: bones can thicken, but in an irregular manner, and the medullary cavities may fill with bone
  4. osteoclasts
  5. chondroblasts at the "top" of the stack that divide quickly, pushing the epiphysis away from the diaphysis, thereby causing the entire long bone to lengthen

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  1. fact: below the resting zone, the cartilage cells form tallecolumns, like coins in a stack(blank)


  2. osteon (Haversian system)stem cells that differentiate into bone-forming osteoblasts


  3. bone markings (3 categories)accomplished by osteoclasts


  4. when we are bone is formed, strengthening skeletal support


  5. epiphysesbone ends
    - joint surface is covered with a thin layer of hyaline cartilage (articular cartilage)


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