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  1. spongy bone is entirely replaced
  2. inorganic components of bone
  3. periosteum membrane sublayers (2)
  4. irregular bones
  5. Perforating canals (Volkmann's canals)
  1. a mineral salts that invade the bony matrix, making bone tissue hard
  2. b superficial layer of dense irregular tissue--resists tension placed on a bone during bending
    - deep layer that abuts the compact bone
  3. c various shapes
    - ex: vertebrae and hip bones
  4. d every 3 or 4 years
  5. e lie at right angles to the central canals and connect the blood and nerve supply of the periosteum to that of the central canals and the marrow cavity

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  1. every 10 years
  2. main vessels serving the diaphysis
    - together run through a hole in the wall of the diaphysis, the nutrient foramen
  3. all bones from the base of the skull down, except for the clavicles, are endochondral bones
    - begins late in the second month of development and is not completed until the skeleton stops growing in early adulthood
    - growing endochondral bones increase both in length and in width
  4. bone is resorbed because it is not needed to support the body
  5. when osteoblasts are completely surrounded by bone matrix and are no longer producing new osteoid
    - function to keep the bone matrix healthy
    - if osteocytes die or are destroyed, the bone matrix is resorbed

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  1. bone resorptionaccomplished by osteoblasts
    - cells lay down organic osteoid on bone surfaces and calcium salts crystallize within this osteoid


  2. osteoporosislow bone mass and a deterioration of the microscopic architecture of the bony skeleton
    - become porous and light
    - estrogen deficiency is strongly implicated in osteoporosis


  3. closed reductionbone ends are joined surgically with pins or wires; after the broken bone is reduced, it is immobilized by a cast or traction to allow the healing process to begin


  4. calcification zonecartilage matrix becomes calcified and the chondrocytes die


  5. osteomalaciaderived from a lineage of white blood cells
    - multinucleated
    - break down bone by secreting hydrochloric acid, which dissolves the mineral component of the matrix, and lysosomal enzymes, which digest the organic components


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