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  1. ingestion
  2. sublingual
  3. thin layer chromatography (TLC)
  4. MAST (Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test)
  5. tryptophan
  1. a an amino acid that is a precursor for serotonin.
  2. b taking food, liquid, drugs, or medications into the stomach by mouth.
  3. c an assessment test of 25 questions that are primarily directed at the negative life effects of alcohol on the user.
  4. d under the tongue; a route of drug administration where the drug is absorbed by mucous membranes.
  5. e a moderately precise drug-testing method for the urine of a suspected drug user.

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  1. old street term for chloral hydrate, a sedative hypnotic.
  2. the amount of a drug that can be absorbed into the body from a given dose.
  3. the natural source of the stimulant ephedrine.
  4. a semisynthetic opiate used for moderate pain. Hydrocodone is the most prescribed opiate.
  5. use of medications and other medical therapies for detoxification under the direction of medical professionals.

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  1. xanthinea class of alkaloids found in 60 plants, e.g., Coffea Arabica, Thea sinensis, Theobroma cacao, Cola nitida. The most prominent xanthine is caffeine.


  2. yageinability to coordinate muscular activity, often caused by brain disorders or drug use.


  3. nicotine replacement therapya treatment technique for smokers that supplies a smoker with lower and lower doses of nicotine (through patches, inhalers, and gum) to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.


  4. excretionthe elimination of water and waste products, including drugs and their metabolites, due to metabolism through urination, sweating, exhalation, defecation, and lactation.


  5. psychological dependence (psychic dependence)" . . . a pattern of painful dependence on another person's compulsive behaviors and on approval from others in an attempt to find safety, self-worth, and identity" (Scottsdale definition). Codependents judge their self-worth by relying on other's opinions of them, so they try too hard to please, have low self-esteem, are very impulsive, and are into denial.


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