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  1. arrhythmia
  2. ale
  3. peer group
  4. caffeine
  5. mutation
  1. a a stimulant alkaloid of the chemical class called "xanthines" found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and colas.
  2. b an alteration in a gene caused by radiation, chemicals, or medications.
  3. c a group of people with similar interests; peer pressure can encourage drug use.
  4. d a beer with a slightly more bitter taste and higher alcohol content than lager beer; uses the top fermentation process. The alehouse or pub and the use of ale rather than lager are prominent features of British life.
  5. e irregularity of heartbeat (loss of rhythm) that can be lethal; often caused by drug use.

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  1. an alcohol beverage that is brewed by fermenting malted grains (usually barley) and hops, an aromatic herb. Beer includes ale, bock beer, pilsner beer, malt liquor, stout, porter, and lager.
  2. street name for dextromethamphetamine, (actually dextro isomer methamphetamine base), a crystalline form of amphetamine that is smokable. It has slightly milder physical effects than methamphetamine hydrochloride but more severe mental effects.
  3. injecting a substance into a vein or muscle or under the skin.
  4. an amino acid that is used as a nutritional supplement to rebalance neurochemistry and neurotransmitter formation.
  5. a class of sedative-hypnotic drugs derived from the barbituric acid molecule, e.g., phenobarbital and SeconalĀ®.

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  1. psychoticcell death often caused by drinking.


  2. "reefer"an unpleasant or dangerous panic reaction to a psychedelic such as LSD.


  3. cirrhosisa general malaise marked by mild-to-moderate depression, restlessness, and anxiety; less severe than major depression.


  4. periaqueductal gray areaan area at the base of the brain that blocks or inhibits incoming pain messages.


  5. alpha alcoholismany nitrogen-containing plant compound with pharmacological (often psychoactive) activity, e.g., morphine, cocaine, or nicotine.


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