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  1. Latin
  2. Enrico Canso
  3. Maple Leaf Rag themes
  4. Castle House Rag
  5. Collective Improvisation
  1. a music to accompany ballroom adaptations of south american and caribbean dances, reignited national fascination with latin american music and ballroom steps
  2. b recorded a series of opera arias in londer, sold over 2 million dollars worth after his death
  3. c four distinct, right hand melody plays syncopated rhythms, left hand accompaniement plays regular bass part march like
  4. d performed by James Reese Europe's society orchestra, documents the transition between ragtime and syncopated dance music
  5. e one of the most significant musical elements of New orleans style jazz

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  1. The first white performer to establish a wide reputation as a 'blackface' entertainer
  2. elaborate mechanical devices activated by piano rolls-spools of paper with punched holes that controlled the movement of the piano's keys
  3. popular among white audiences until WW1, usually accompanied by a simple version of syncopated rhythms of ragtime piano music, a continuation of the minstrel music, laced with stereotypes about black culture
  4. ragtime influences songs that were less derogatory in conent than coon songs, owed less to the style developed by Joplin and other black pianists
  5. initially was a piano music but gradually came to identify any syncopated music, the term was used to describe any music that contained syncopation, began an obscure folk dance music played in the Mississippi valley

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  1. B Sectionsbegin identically but their endings vary slightly


  2. Jazz Babies or Flappersrepresented the intensification of African American influence on the musical tastes and buying habits of white Americans


  3. Fox Trotcreated by Vernon and Irene Castle, danced to WC handy's music


  4. Harry Von Tilzerthe daddy of popular song, successful turn of the century songwriter, advised songwriters to keep tunes to a limited range, his big hits : a bird in a gilded cage, i want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad


  5. Tangodeveloped in Buenos Aires, blended european ballroom dance, cuban habanera, italian light opera, and the ballads... loosened audiences up to provocative dance


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