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  1. Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton
  2. George Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue
  3. Zip Coon effects
  4. Minstrel Troupes
  5. Business Bands
  1. a toured the US constantly helping create an embryonic national popular culture
  2. b touring bands not connected to govt institutions, Important part of music business
  3. c helped further the national obsession with symbol of racial difference, Ethiopian song hit, chorus was a ballad and verses contained banjo, wild dancing, and barnyard animals
  4. d new orleans jazz pianist, took joplin's composition and treated it as the basis for extended rhythmically complex improvisations, ferdinands version of maple leaf rag can be heard in the Smithsonian jazz collection
  5. e featured Whiteman's band

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  1. characteristic sound of an instrument or voice, sometimes called tone color (two different things play the same music but give different sounds or feelings)
  2. a northern, urban black, some made fun of pretentious politicians and social elites
  3. a place and a way of doing business, new publishing firms in lower manhattan(28th st) founded by jewish immigrants from eastern europe produced and promoted popular songs
  4. criticized the effects of capitalism and industrialization on popular music, the music industry promoted the illusion that we're all independent individuals defined by personal tastes, but Adorno felt the industry manipulates this notion to create sales
  5. Music is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes

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  1. After the Ballby Charles K Harris, he paid a well known singer to sing it in a traveling theater production, audiences requested it, Harris cleared 25 thousand dollars a month because of it, it was performed by John Phillip Sousa's band at Worlds Columbian Exposition in chicago


  2. Vernon and Irene CastleMusic is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes


  3. Stars and Stripes Foreverconsidered to be the instrumental national anthem, by the Marine Band


  4. Ragtime Songsgrowing market for ragtime songs suggests a continuation of whites fascination with african american music, most popular songs were march style songs with irregular rhythms


  5. George M Cohanauthor of 'youre a grand old flag'


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