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  1. Stars and Stripes Forever
  2. Collective Improvisation
  3. B Sections
  4. Timbre
  5. Jazz Craze
  1. a characteristic sound of an instrument or voice, sometimes called tone color (two different things play the same music but give different sounds or feelings)
  2. b introduces a new melody and chords, acts as a bridge to the last A section
  3. c one of the most significant musical elements of New orleans style jazz
  4. d represented the intensification of African American influence on the musical tastes and buying habits of white Americans
  5. e considered to be the instrumental national anthem, by the Marine Band

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  1. new orleans jazz pianist, took joplin's composition and treated it as the basis for extended rhythmically complex improvisations, ferdinands version of maple leaf rag can be heard in the Smithsonian jazz collection
  2. included some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd
  3. best known and most successful composer of plantation songs, 1st successful black songwriter, ex minstrel show performer, wrote carry me back to old virginny, became popular in Europe from performing concerts
  4. a variety of language that is distinguished from others by phonology, grammar, and vocabulary (music from NYC will sound different that from Georgia)
  5. banjo virtuoso, lead of Virginia Minstrels, claimed to have written Dixie's Land

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  1. Acoustic Recordingearly process for recording sound vibrations, also meant singing into a huge megaphone


  2. Adornodeveloped in Buenos Aires, blended european ballroom dance, cuban habanera, italian light opera, and the ballads... loosened audiences up to provocative dance


  3. George Gershwins Rhapsody in Blueauthor of 'youre a grand old flag'


  4. Contradancedominates through the 19th and 20th centuries, shifts toward couple's dancing, The Grand Ball, Brass Bands,rooted from the Revolutionary War


  5. Enrico Cansorecorded a series of opera arias in londer, sold over 2 million dollars worth after his death


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