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  1. Racism in Jazz Age
  2. Stephen Collins Foster's background
  3. Hot
  4. Ragtime Craze
  5. Cotton Club
  1. a the great jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington developed a style that he called jungle music featuring textures and dark growling timbres
  2. b orchestras segregated, black dance bands able to extend appeal across races, white jazz fans frequent nightclubs in AA neighborhoods, most economically successful dance bands were led by white musicians
  3. c initially was a piano music but gradually came to identify any syncopated music, the term was used to describe any music that contained syncopation, began an obscure folk dance music played in the Mississippi valley
  4. d established song models that would be influential for later composers, Foster's success was supported by a number of social and technological factors: minstrel troupes, sheet music, cheap pianos, the parlor
  5. e specialized in syncopated jazz arrangements, popular at college dances (Armstrong's hotter than hot)

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  1. a contrasting section which also prepares for the return of the original material
  2. predominent genre in the US in 1800s, popular in north and south, important influence on pop music, there were many African American performers as well as white, arose as an expression of white culture before and after civil war
  3. lead performer who sand and provided entertainment between acts
  4. music industry increasingly relied on phonograph records, rather than sheet music, as the main means of promoting songs and artists
  5. machines that played music hits for a nickel, set up in public places

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  1. Acoustic Recordingmost famous ragtime composer, known for piano rags, 1st job was a pianist in a cafe in ST louis, composed many classics of the ragtime repertoire, helped popularize the style through his piano arrangements


  2. Adornocriticized the effects of capitalism and industrialization on popular music, the music industry promoted the illusion that we're all independent individuals defined by personal tastes, but Adorno felt the industry manipulates this notion to create sales


  3. New Orleans Diverse Musical Traditionsearliest style of jazz originated here, contained a unique mix of white, creole, french, spanish and black communities, cultural mix helped form a hybrid musical culture unlike any other


  4. After the Ballby Charles K Harris, he paid a well known singer to sing it in a traveling theater production, audiences requested it, Harris cleared 25 thousand dollars a month because of it, it was performed by John Phillip Sousa's band at Worlds Columbian Exposition in chicago


  5. 1902twelve inch shellac discs were introduced


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