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  1. Licensing and Copyright Agencies
  2. Vaudeville
  3. Ragtime Songs
  4. Popular Music
  5. John Philip Sousa
  1. a music created with commercial success in mind
  2. b growing market for ragtime songs suggests a continuation of whites fascination with african american music, most popular songs were march style songs with irregular rhythms
  3. c America's March King, most popular bandleader, became the Marine Band's conductor and later formed a successful commercial concert band touring the US and europe giving nearly 10,000 concerts
  4. d theatrical form descended from msuic hall shows and minstrelsy, most important medium for popularizing Tin Pan Alley songs
  5. e set up to control the flow of profits from the sale and braodcast of popular music

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  1. the great jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington developed a style that he called jungle music featuring textures and dark growling timbres
  2. jazz relies heavily on imrpov but they preplanned with little to no improv sections
  3. started the jazz craze but did not invent it, white group from new orleans, made 1st recording with the name jass, contract with Victor Records
  4. catchy musical phrase or riff (a hook can be a riff)
  5. created a lengthy stage performance that featured a standardized group of performers, foreshadows rise of bluegrass and country

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  1. Basis of Radioonly for military use, the initial stations were created to read the news, regional, national, and world wide. eventually music was played but only in real time


  2. New Orleans Diverse Musical Traditionscaribbean and mexican music -- the latin tinge (creole), tin pan alley, dance bands, hot or ratty ragtime


  3. Vernon and Irene Castlebiggest media superstars of WW1 era, husband and wife dance team who changed the course of social dancing in America, attracted middle class to ballroom classes, made syncopated dance acceptable to the mainstream, simple way to leanr dances like the fox trot or tango


  4. Timbrecharacteristic sound of an instrument or voice, sometimes called tone color (two different things play the same music but give different sounds or feelings)


  5. The Minstrel Showfeatured mainly white performers who blackened their skin and carried out parodies of African American music, dance, dress, and dialect. Not all black culture but mostly, ancestor of vaudeville


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