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  1. Castle House Rag
  2. New Orleans Diverse Musical Traditions
  3. Business Bands
  4. The Hell Fighters Band
  5. Electric Recording
  1. a caribbean and mexican music -- the latin tinge (creole), tin pan alley, dance bands, hot or ratty ragtime
  2. b touring bands not connected to govt institutions, Important part of music business
  3. c military band in WW1, played several concerts in Paris, had a successful tour, made records for Pathe a french company with a studio in NY, 1st allied regiment to cross the Rhine at the end of the war even though they could not fight alongside whites
  4. d sound is converted to an electric signal, featured a microphone geared more toward the voice ( marked as high fidelity meaning a more intimate way of recording)
  5. e performed by James Reese Europe's society orchestra, documents the transition between ragtime and syncopated dance music

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  1. one of the most significant musical elements of New orleans style jazz
  2. created a lengthy stage performance that featured a standardized group of performers, foreshadows rise of bluegrass and country
  3. early process for recording sound vibrations, also meant singing into a huge megaphone
  4. featured Whiteman's band
  5. characteristic sound of an instrument or voice, sometimes called tone color (two different things play the same music but give different sounds or feelings)

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  1. Ragtime Crazeinitially was a piano music but gradually came to identify any syncopated music, the term was used to describe any music that contained syncopation, began an obscure folk dance music played in the Mississippi valley


  2. Technology and the music businessbiggest media superstars of WW1 era, husband and wife dance team who changed the course of social dancing in America, attracted middle class to ballroom classes, made syncopated dance acceptable to the mainstream, simple way to leanr dances like the fox trot or tango


  3. Music and IdentityMusic is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes


  4. Improvisation in ODJBthe great jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington developed a style that he called jungle music featuring textures and dark growling timbres


  5. King Joe Oliver and the Creole Jazz Band1st representative recordings of new Orleans style jazz, more relaxed and flowing rhythmic feeling, syncopations smoother and less jerky, improv is prominent, point toward future jazz


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