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  1. Harry Von Tilzer
  2. Zip Coon
  3. New Orleans Jazz
  4. Maple Leaf Rag
  5. New Orleans Diverse Musical Traditions
  1. a earliest style of jazz originated here, contained a unique mix of white, creole, french, spanish and black communities, cultural mix helped form a hybrid musical culture unlike any other
  2. b Joplins 1st successful piece, named after a social club in MD, spread Joplin's fame to europe, started a nationwide craze for syncopated music, classical ragtime style
  3. c the daddy of popular song, successful turn of the century songwriter, advised songwriters to keep tunes to a limited range, his big hits : a bird in a gilded cage, i want a girl just like the girl that married dear old dad
  4. d caribbean and mexican music -- the latin tinge (creole), tin pan alley, dance bands, hot or ratty ragtime
  5. e a northern, urban black, some made fun of pretentious politicians and social elites

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  1. best known and most successful composer of plantation songs, 1st successful black songwriter, ex minstrel show performer, wrote carry me back to old virginny, became popular in Europe from performing concerts
  2. a national phenomenon and a powerful shaper of musical taste, contributed to later developments in pop music and jazz
  3. represent the commercial peak of the 19th century parlor song
  4. toured the US constantly helping create an embryonic national popular culture
  5. biggest media superstars of WW1 era, husband and wife dance team who changed the course of social dancing in America, attracted middle class to ballroom classes, made syncopated dance acceptable to the mainstream, simple way to leanr dances like the fox trot or tango

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  1. Racism in Jazz Ageorchestras segregated, black dance bands able to extend appeal across races, white jazz fans frequent nightclubs in AA neighborhoods, most economically successful dance bands were led by white musicians


  2. Zip Coon effectshelped further the national obsession with symbol of racial difference, Ethiopian song hit, chorus was a ballad and verses contained banjo, wild dancing, and barnyard animals


  3. King Joe Oliver and the Creole Jazz Band1st representative recordings of new Orleans style jazz, more relaxed and flowing rhythmic feeling, syncopations smoother and less jerky, improv is prominent, point toward future jazz


  4. Nick LaRoccaa northern, urban black, some made fun of pretentious politicians and social elites


  5. The Banjoincluded some combination of violin, guitar, mandolin, and string bass, and sometimes wind instrument, encouraged the addition of instruments that could project over the noise of a crowd


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