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  1. George Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue
  2. James Reese Europe
  3. The Grand Ball
  4. Rise of the Phonograph
  5. Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake
  1. a featured Whiteman's band
  2. b showed we were refined people and had good decorum, modeled off aristocratic functions in Great Britain
  3. c African American musician and bandleader, provided music for the Castles, his music let them perform the way they did
  4. d began their career with James Reese Europe's orchestra, launched the first successful all-black broadway musical
  5. e invented by Thomas Edison and at the same time a french inventor named Charles Cros. The energy from sound waves was transferred to a bill or wax cylinder which could be used to reproduce the original sounds

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  1. theatrical form descended from msuic hall shows and minstrelsy, most important medium for popularizing Tin Pan Alley songs
  2. channeled flow of swinging or funky or phat rhythms
  3. The first white performer to establish a wide reputation as a 'blackface' entertainer
  4. a mixture of syncopation and careful arrangement, rhythmic pep and gentility, widened the market for jazz based dance music and paved the way for the swing era
  5. white actor born to a poor family, demonstrated profitability and popularity of minstrelsy with the song 'Kim Crown'

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  1. ASCAPthe american society of composers, authors, and publishers. forced all business establishments that featured live music to pay fees or royalties for the public use of music, worked to keep records off the radio


  2. The Jazz Singerfirst movie to incorporate sound into a movie


  3. Tiger Ragchanneled flow of swinging or funky or phat rhythms


  4. March Songsragtime influences songs that were less derogatory in conent than coon songs, owed less to the style developed by Joplin and other black pianists


  5. Syncopationmusic to accompany ballroom adaptations of south american and caribbean dances, reignited national fascination with latin american music and ballroom steps


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