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  1. A Sections
  2. Nick LaRocca
  3. Popular Music
  4. Whispering
  5. Printed Sheet Music
  1. a sold for 25-60 cents, value of print music tripled, for the first time print music could sell more than 1 million copies (tin pan alley), sheet music was available anywhere
  2. b begin identically but their endings vary slightly
  3. c recorded at Victor Studios by Paul Whiteman, 1st of amazing string of hits, played at a medium tempo, fox trot rhythm appropriate for style by the Castles
  4. d music created with commercial success in mind
  5. e started playing hot music, claimed he had invented jazz

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  1. died in poverty at age 37, no copyrights so songwriters were not favored, OH! Susanna was sold for a flat fee of 100 dollars
  2. military band in WW1, played several concerts in Paris, had a successful tour, made records for Pathe a french company with a studio in NY, 1st allied regiment to cross the Rhine at the end of the war even though they could not fight alongside whites
  3. touring bands not connected to govt institutions, Important part of music business
  4. El manicero (the peanut vendor), recording opens with the clave rhythm, complex ensemble texture with interlocking parts, solo trumpet and solo voice, rhythmic pattern clave which is cuban style
  5. the shifting of natural melodic accents onto the offbeats, word derived from the AA term to rag meaning enliven a piece of music by shifting melodic accents onto the offbeats

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  1. James Reese Europe in NYCAfrican American musician and bandleader, provided music for the Castles, his music let them perform the way they did


  2. Two things necessary to be jazzit needs to swing and it needs to be imrpovised


  3. Real time on the Radioonly for military use, the initial stations were created to read the news, regional, national, and world wide. eventually music was played but only in real time


  4. Nickelodeonsmachines that played music hits for a nickel, set up in public places


  5. Dance Bandsmilitary bands made up of brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, tubas) spread rapidly during and after the civil war


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