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  1. James Reese Europe
  2. Paul Whiteman
  3. Noble Sissle and Eubie Blake
  4. Groove
  5. Stephen Collins Foster
  1. a channeled flow of swinging or funky or phat rhythms
  2. b most influential songwriter of an American popular song during the 19th century, composed around 200 songs, first person in the US to make a living as a professional songwriter (OH! Susanna, My Old Kentucky Home Good Night, Old Folks at Home)
  3. c African American musician and bandleader, provided music for the Castles, his music let them perform the way they did
  4. d began their career with James Reese Europe's orchestra, launched the first successful all-black broadway musical
  5. e the king of jazz, joined symphony orchestra as a violist at 17, formed a 7 piece dance band, had incredible commercial success, widened the market for jazz based dance music and paved the way for swing era, hired brilliant young jazz musicians

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  1. earliest style of jazz originated here, contained a unique mix of white, creole, french, spanish and black communities, cultural mix helped form a hybrid musical culture unlike any other
  2. author of 'youre a grand old flag'
  3. featured Whiteman's band
  4. sat at either end of the line of performers and interact with each other
  5. radio caused a decline in record sales because records were seen as unethical because it tricked listeners into thinking the acts were in house

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  1. Basis of Radioonly for military use, the initial stations were created to read the news, regional, national, and world wide. eventually music was played but only in real time


  2. Coon Songfilms with synchonized sound, talkies, became an important medium for promoting songs, LA competes with NYC as national entertainment industry, Movies create another outlet for spread of pop music


  3. Jeanie with the Light Brown HairFoster's sentimental Irish style, form that becomes very popular in pop music, AABA melodic structure


  4. Hotseveral geographically distinct centers where power, capital, and control over mass media are concerned


  5. Zip Coon effectsstarted playing hot music, claimed he had invented jazz


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