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  1. Electric Recording
  2. Whiteman's Symphonic Jazz
  3. Sweet
  4. Nick LaRocca
  5. James Reese Europe in NYC
  1. a a mixture of syncopation and careful arrangement, rhythmic pep and gentility, widened the market for jazz based dance music and paved the way for the swing era
  2. b romantic nostalgic music, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians
  3. c found few opportunities for black musicians, played ragtime piano in cabarets, directed the music for several all-black vaudevill revues
  4. d started playing hot music, claimed he had invented jazz
  5. e sound is converted to an electric signal, featured a microphone geared more toward the voice ( marked as high fidelity meaning a more intimate way of recording)

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  1. author of 'youre a grand old flag'
  2. a northern, urban black, some made fun of pretentious politicians and social elites
  3. music industry increasingly relied on phonograph records, rather than sheet music, as the main means of promoting songs and artists
  4. the shifting of natural melodic accents onto the offbeats, word derived from the AA term to rag meaning enliven a piece of music by shifting melodic accents onto the offbeats
  5. military bands made up of brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, tubas) spread rapidly during and after the civil war

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  1. Racism in Jazz Ageonly for military use, the initial stations were created to read the news, regional, national, and world wide. eventually music was played but only in real time


  2. Thomas Dartmouth Ricewhite actor born to a poor family, demonstrated profitability and popularity of minstrelsy with the song 'Kim Crown'


  3. Hookspecialized in syncopated jazz arrangements, popular at college dances (Armstrong's hotter than hot)


  4. The Jazz Agefirst movie to incorporate sound into a movie


  5. Music and IdentityMusic is used to find and express identity, pop music is tied to stereotypes


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