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  1. decreases
  2. rotation
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon
  4. how much sunlight hits the moon
  5. Highlands
  1. a the spinning motion of earth
  2. b if mass decreases and distance stays the same, then the force of gravity...?
  3. c what is the alignment of the earth, sun, and moon during a lunar eclipse?
  4. d mountains on the moon
  5. e what does the phase of the moon you see depend on?

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  1. True or false: the same side of the moon always faces earth
  2. when the moon's shadow hits Earth or Earth's shadow hits the moon, what occurs?
  3. how many days does it take for a complete moon cycle to take place?
  4. March 21, Daytime is same length as night
  5. the different shapes of the moon you see from earth are called...?

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  1. Positions of the earth, sun, and moonWhat causes the phases of the moon, eclipses, and tides?


  2. Inertiawhat keeps the moon moving ahead?


  3. New moonwhen the entire sunlit side of the moon faces earth


  4. craterround pits on the moon caused by meteors


  5. Truethe rise and fall of ocean water


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