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  1. Maryland
  2. Triangular Trade
  3. William Penn
  4. Roger Williams
  5. Middle Passage
  1. a the brutal journey of indentured servants, but mostly slaves, from Africa to the colonies; many died and were thrown overboard, but these punishments were justified by the awful settlers
  2. b a primarily Catholic Chesapeake colony
  3. c the Rhode Island founder who was kicked out of Massachusetts
  4. d founder of Pennsylvannia; Quaker; helped set up an advertisement to draw people to Quakerism
  5. e trade between Africa, Europe, and the New World; includes Middle Passage; helped New England's economy the most

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  1. a joint stock colony part of New England; founded by Puritans and lead by William Bradford
  2. Puritan dissenter banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because she believed God spoke directly to individuals, not just elders; she fled to Rhode Island in 1638
  3. leader of Colonial Virginia; author of "Model of Christian Charity" known for "city upon a hill"
  4. Puritan minister who led settlers out of Massachusetts Bay to Connecticut because he believed that government officials had too much power
  5. an individual owning a colony; Pennsylvannia, New Jersey

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  1. William Bradfordleader of Mass Bay Colony; co-author of the Mayflower Compact; Puritan


  2. Pennsylvaniaa primarily Catholic Chesapeake colony


  3. New YorkFormerly New Holland; a middle colony taken over by the king and named after his brother


  4. SeparatistsProtestants who wanted to purify the faith; very strict, practical, and have the idea of glorifying God in every single thing they do; believe in predestination; prominent in Massachusetts


  5. mercantilisma section of Protestantism started by John Calvin; part of the Puritan faith


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