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  1. Great Awakening
  2. Roger Williams
  3. William Penn
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Maryland
  1. a founder of Pennsylvannia; Quaker; helped set up an advertisement to draw people to Quakerism
  2. b religious revivals in the colonies lead by Jonathan Edwards
  3. c a primarily Catholic Chesapeake colony
  4. d the Rhode Island founder who was kicked out of Massachusetts
  5. e a middle colony founded by William Penn and other Quakers; very diverse

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  1. Protestants who wanted to purify the faith; very strict, practical, and have the idea of glorifying God in every single thing they do; believe in predestination; prominent in Massachusetts
  2. New England was the most prominent region of the colonies; (Mass, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire)
  3. a section of Protestantism started by John Calvin; part of the Puritan faith
  4. the church Henry VIII created when he split from Roman Catholicism because of his excommunication; Virginia and other colonies
  5. a joint stock colony part of New England; founded by Puritans and lead by William Bradford

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  1. Proprietorshipsan individual owning a colony; Pennsylvannia, New Jersey


  2. Navigation Actssub-group of the Puritans who vowed to break completely with the Church of England


  3. Anne HutchinsonPuritan dissenter banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because she believed God spoke directly to individuals, not just elders; she fled to Rhode Island in 1638


  4. Powhatan Confederacyleader of Colonial Virginia; author of "Model of Christian Charity" known for "city upon a hill"


  5. mercantilisma section of Protestantism started by John Calvin; part of the Puritan faith


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