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  1. Internal validity
  2. Inferential statistics
  3. Confounding variable
  4. Control group
  5. Statistical significance
  1. a The group of participants that doesn't receive the manipulation.
  2. b It is very likely a real difference.
  3. c The extent to which we can draw cause-and effect inferences from a study.
  4. d Mathematical methods that allow us to determine whether we can generalize findings from our sample to the full population.
  5. e Any difference between the experimental and control groups other than the independent variable.

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  1. The middle score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.
  2. Informing research participants of what is involved in a study before asking them to participate.
  3. How common a characterisic or behavior is.
  4. The average; a measure of central tendency.
  5. A heuristic that includes judging the probability of an event by its superficial similarity to a prototype.

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  1. OperationalizationA specification of how a variable is being measured for the purposes of a particular study.


  2. Placebo effectImprovement resulting from the mere expectation of improvement.


  3. Correlational designA research design that examines the extent to which two variables are associated.


  4. AvailabilityThe consistency of a measurement.


  5. Central tendencyThe group of participants that doesn't receive the manipulation.


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