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  1. Mean
  2. Experimental group
  3. Debriefing
  4. Illusionary correlation
  5. Standard deviation
  1. a A process whereby researchers inform participants what the study was about.
  2. b The average; a measure of central tendency.
  3. c A perception of a statistical association between two variables where none exists.
  4. d The measure of dispersion that takes into account how far each data point is from the mean.
  5. e The group of participants that receives the manipulation.

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  1. How common a characterisic or behavior is.
  2. Mental shortcuts that help us to streamline our thinking and make sense of our world.
  3. A research design that examines the extent to which two variables are associated.
  4. A research design that examines one person or a small number of people in depth, often over an extended time period.
  5. Characterized by randomly sorting participants into two groups.

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  1. Naturalistic observationA specification of how a variable is being measured for the purposes of a particular study.


  2. Existence proofA demonstration that a given psychological phenomenon can occur.


  3. MedianThe middle score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.


  4. ModeThe most frequent score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.


  5. DispersionA research design characterized by random assignment of participants to conditions and manipulation of an independent variable.


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