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  1. Availability
  2. Peer review
  3. Inferential statistics
  4. Standard deviation
  5. Reliability
  1. a The measure of dispersion that takes into account how far each data point is from the mean.
  2. b Mathematical methods that allow us to determine whether we can generalize findings from our sample to the full population.
  3. c A heuristic that includes estimating the likelihood of an occurance based on the case with which it comes to our minds.
  4. d A mechanism by which experts in a field carefully screen the work of their colleagues.
  5. e The consistency of a measurement.

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  1. It is very likely a real difference.
  2. Are tendencies of research participants to distort their responses to questionaire items.
  3. How common a characterisic or behavior is.
  4. The variable that an experimenter measures to see whether the manipulation has an effect.
  5. A heuristic that includes judging the probability of an event by its superficial similarity to a prototype.

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  1. ValidityThe extent to which a measure assesses what it claims to measure.


  2. Naturalistic observationWatching behavior in real-world settings.


  3. OperationalizationA research design that examines the extent to which two variables are associated.


  4. ScatterplotThe measure of how loosely or tightly bunched scores are.


  5. Practical significanceIt has a real-worl importance.


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