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  1. Mode
  2. Case study
  3. Experiment
  4. Median
  5. Cognitive bias
  1. a A systematic error in thinking.
  2. b A research design that examines one person or a small number of people in depth, often over an extended time period.
  3. c A research design characterized by random assignment of participants to conditions and manipulation of an independent variable.
  4. d The most frequent score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.
  5. e The middle score in a data set; a measure of central tendency.

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  1. To be unaware of whether one is in the experimental or control group.
  2. The treatment or intervention that the experimenter "manipulates" or varies.
  3. Mathematical methods that allow us to determine whether we can generalize findings from our sample to the full population.
  4. A demonstration that a given psychological phenomenon can occur.
  5. A perception of a statistical association between two variables where none exists.

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  1. Random selectionCharacterized by randomly sorting participants into two groups.


  2. Statistical significanceIt has a real-worl importance.


  3. Demand characteristicsCues that participants pick up from a study that allow them to generate guesses regarding the researcher's hypotheses.


  4. ScatterplotAn application of mathematics that describe data.


  5. RangeThe difference between the highest and lowest scores; a measure of dispersion.


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