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  1. an opening in the skin made by injury or surgery; "They quickly applied a dressing to the __________ to keep it clean."
  2. related to something leading to the end or to death; "Her training in life-threatening diseases prepared her to work with __________ patients."
  3. in a manner that is officially recognized; "He was not found __________ insane, so his trial commenced immediately."
  4. persevere, keep at it, endure; "He will __________ in studying, because he is determined to get a high score."
  5. to insert into the body surgically; "She was considering having the veterinarian __________ a tracking chip in her dog's neck."

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  1. anesthesialoss of feeling or sensation resulting from chloroform. novocain, etc.; "She awoke from the __________ , unable to remember anything about the surgery."


  2. augmentenlarge, increase, intensify; "The hospital wanted to __________ efforts in the area of diseases of the blood."


  3. procedurea medical treatment or a medicine that makes a sick person get better; "There has been only limited progress in the search for a __________ for diabetes."


  4. obesea person whose weight is 30% or more above the level that would be appropriate for their body structure and height; "Because she was __________ , the doctor asked her to avoid certain foods."


  5. complicationundesired problem resulting from some other event; "They encountered a __________ during the delivery of her baby, due to her diabetes."


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