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  1. the senate
  2. Competence (Education)
  3. 1778
  4. Nine
  5. Jean Jacques Rousseau
  1. a Constitution was ratified in this year.
  2. b the elite house
  3. c They agreed that they would need how many states to ratify?
  4. d Social contract theory- (father of the french revolution) men come together to create government for the purpose of protecting those rights. If government fails to protect those rights then men should rebel.
  5. e Believed the masses lacked what?

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  1. all societies are divided into.....
  2. Contained one house for commoners
    Contained another house for upper class elites.
    Although peoples house had the right to veto.
  3. Argued that education is a spiritual project- and it should help us to develop a moral consciousness.
  4. limited by written rules.
  5. this would defend the interests of elites and establish laws and order that would preserve the social, political, and economic order.

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  1. RepublicFounders intended to create a what?


  2. Americas Liberal ValuesLimited Representative Government
    Separation of Church and State
    Private Property
    Free Market
    Individual Liberty


  3. Checks and Balancesallow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.


  4. Elites (not the people) should ruledone by elites through the electoral college.


  5. Choose their senators.the elite house


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