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American Government 1 Test

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  1. Joseph Priestly
  2. James Burgh
  3. Elite Disagreement
  4. James madison
  5. Republic
  1. a Negative State theory- the only purpose of government is to protect against natural rights(life,liberty,property) Tie the hands of the government.
  2. b not frequent.( is over the means not the end. )
  3. c Founders intended to create a what?
  4. d who said "while it is necessary to control the masses, government must also control itself"
  5. e Doctrine of separation - first person to use "a small wall of separation"

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  1. Natural rights theory- men are born with the rights to life, liberty and property.
  2. the elite house
  3. Colonies decided to impose taxes to pay the war debt.
    in Massachusetts, this man, organized a revolt that spread.
  4. Delegates chose blank instead of blank.
  5. came up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.

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  1. Hamilton, Madison, JayWrote a series of articles (the federalist papers)
    They never used their real names.
    in the papers they didn't identify themselves.


  2. Largely unaccountable and self interested.Elites are.........


  3. The nation's first elites (founders)done by elites through the electoral college.


  4. Checks and Balancesall societies are divided into.....


  5. Jiddu Krishnamurhin which state did rebels capture legislation?


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