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  1. "Big" Government.
  2. Democracy requires a broad distribution of wealth in order to create competent citizens.
  3. Jiddu Krishnamurh
  4. 1778
  5. Founding Fathers
  1. a Argued that education is a spiritual project- and it should help us to develop a moral consciousness.
  2. b this would defend the interests of elites and establish laws and order that would preserve the social, political, and economic order.
  3. c saw themselves as just-loving philosophical men. and believed they could best determine the will of the people.
  4. d Democracy was conceived as a natural enemy why?
  5. e Constitution was ratified in this year.

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  1. believed that the best government is one ruled by a just "philosopher king"
  2. done by elites through the electoral college.
  3. The three interlocking sectors that hold power.
  4. all societies are divided into.....
  5. came up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.

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  1. Hamilton, Madison, JayWrote a series of articles (the federalist papers)
    They never used their real names.
    in the papers they didn't identify themselves.


  2. Choose their senators.Today, Americans have won the right to do this.


  3. Elite Disagreementnot frequent.( is over the means not the end. )


  4. Bill of Rightscame up with the theory of the 3 interlocking sectors.


  5. Elites (not the people) should ruledone by elites through the electoral college.


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