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  1. Republic instead of a democracy.
  2. The nation's first elites (founders)
  3. Election of the President
  4. Northern Bankers, merchants, lawyers, and southern planters.
  5. Elite Theory
  1. a done by elites through the electoral college.
  2. b 55 white, rich, well educated men.
  3. c Delegates chose blank instead of blank.
  4. d A way of understanding American Politics by focusing on the role of elites.
  5. e Founders were.......

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  1. allow one branch to veto the decisions of the other.
  2. limited by written rules.
  3. The three interlocking sectors that hold power.
  4. Believed the masses lacked what?
  5. Contained one house for commoners
    Contained another house for upper class elites.
    Although peoples house had the right to veto.

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  1. NineConstitution was ratified in this year.


  2. Elites (not the people) should ruledone by elites through the electoral college.


  3. James Burghwho said "while it is necessary to control the masses, government must also control itself"


  4. Representative governmentgovernment in which you elect people to represent you.


  5. Choose their senators.the elite house


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