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  1. Can tissues exist by themselves?
  2. What are the 4 processes of life cells perform?
  3. Robert Hooke
  4. Organs are grouped into what?
  5. What are the specific functions cells perform for Releasing Materials?
  1. a First to see what he thought to be "cells".
  2. b Nutrition
    Internal Functions
    Releasing Materials
    Continuing Existence
  3. c Excretion
  4. d Systems eg nervous system, digestive system
  5. e No, they depend on other tissues to supply them. ex muscle tissue depends on blood tissues to bring glucose etc.

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  1. No, the size determines the number of the cells. Elephant and Mice cells same size but elephants have more cells.
  2. Tissues
  3. a collection of similar cells living together. Each cell could alone carry on the processes of a cell in the colonial organism. (except reproduction cells)
  4. used the word PROTOPLASM to name all the materials within the cell
  5. Yes, Cells perform the processes of life.

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  1. What is a one cell organismUnicellular


  2. Besides tissues what else do multicellular organisms have?They have organs


  3. Why did he call them cells?The first thing he looked at was a thin slice of cork. He saw neat rows of little boxes and they looked like cells in a monastery so he named what he was looking at "cells".


  4. What are systems?groups of organs that work together to accomplish one life functions. digestive system - stomach - intestine - colon all together to accomplish Nutrition.


  5. What is it called when some cells perform one function and another cell performs a different function?Cellular division of labor


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