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  1. Most multicelluar organisms are made up of what?
  2. How do cells hold together?
  3. JE Purkinje
  4. Protoplasm
  5. What are the specific functions cells perform for Internal Functions?
  1. a Synthesis
  2. b Cell junctions which are chemical interactions between the proteins in cell membranes of the adjacent cells.
  3. c All living substances within a cell.
  4. d used the word PROTOPLASM to name all the materials within the cell
  5. e Tissues

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  1. a organism that consists of many cells
  2. Cell division, DNA can only control so much so cell division will occur after a limited amount of growth.
  3. 1. new organisms if unicellular
    2. more cells in the same organism
    3. sex cells - egg or sperm
  4. cells - tissues - organs - sytems
  5. ability to respond to external factors that affect the operations of the cell.

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  1. What are tissues?Similar cells that are grouped together and perform similar functions.


  2. Is all of an organism made of cells?No. The parts of the organism not made of cells are composed of materials manufactured by cells. For example Chitin covers outside of insects body. It is not a cell but a carbohydrate made by the cell.


  3. Organs are grouped into what?Organs are tissues grouped together to perfrom a specific function for the organism.


  4. secretionremoval of SOLUABLE waste from the cell


  5. movementmovement of the cell itself (locomotion) or movement of substances and structures inside the cell (internal movement)


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