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  1. digestion
  2. movement
  3. What are the specific functions cells perform for Continuing Existence?
  4. In cells biosynthesis of materials results in what?
  5. homeostasis
  1. a growth and maintenance of the cell
  2. b movement of the cell itself (locomotion) or movement of substances and structures inside the cell (internal movement)
  3. c homeostasis
  4. d enzymatic breakdown of substances to obtain energy or building blocks
  5. e ability to maintain a steady state in the cell

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  1. Yes, Cells perform the processes of life.
  2. elimination of NONSOLUABLE waste from the cell
  3. ability to respond to external factors that affect the operations of the cell.
  4. No, cells are specialized in multicellluar organisms
  5. Cell junctions which are chemical interactions between the proteins in cell membranes of the adjacent cells.

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  1. What are systems?Similar cells that are grouped together and perform similar functions.


  2. Organs are grouped into what?Systems eg nervous system, digestive system


  3. ProtoplasmAll living substances within a cell.


  4. What are the three major categories of cell junctions?1. Cells are the units that make up all living things
    2. Cells are the units that carry on all functions of all living things.
    3. Cells have to come from preexisting cells.


  5. What are organs?Organs are tissues grouped together to perfrom a specific function for the organism.


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