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  1. Your heart is an example of a(n)
  2. When you receive a vaccine your body produces _____to help fight infection
  3. have one cell, perform all life functins
  4. regulates interactions between the cell and it's environment
  5. constantly flows inside the cell
  1. a cytoplasm
  2. b interferons
  3. c cell membrane
  4. d one celled organisms
  5. e organ

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  1. destroys the host cell immediately.
  2. prokaryotic cells
  3. active virus
  4. chloroplast
  5. antibiotics

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  1. needs a place to live, food source, and waterorganism


  2. Linneaus developed a system of grouping organisms that was accepted by most scientists. He grouped organisms with________Phylogeny


  3. makes proteins, attached to Rough Endoplasmic Reticulumhost cell


  4. process materials and move them around in the cellGolgi body


  5. The smallest group in the classification system used today is called a ________maintaining homeostasis


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