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  1. protects a cell and gives it shape
  2. tells how an organism has changed over time
  3. Latent viruses do all of these except
  4. The smallest group in the classification system used today is called a ________
  5. When an organism regulates it's internal environment it is ________
  1. a cell wall
  2. b species
  3. c destroys the host cell immediately.
  4. d Phylogeny
  5. e maintaining homeostasis

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  1. host cell
  2. antibiotics
  3. plant cells
  4. tissue
  5. latent virus is inactive and does not immediately destroy the host cell. Active virus does immediately destroy the host cell.

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  1. Compare and contrast one-celled and many celled organisms.One celled organisms have one cell that perform all life functions. Many celled orgamisms have many cells and the cells depend on each other.


  2. When you receive a vaccine your body produces _____to help fight infectionantibiotics


  3. inactive, does not immediately destroy it's host cellcytoplasm


  4. makes proteins, attached to Rough Endoplasmic Reticulumribosome


  5. regulates interactions between the cell and it's environmentlatent virus


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