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  1. where energy is released when food is broken down into carbon dioxide and water
  2. needs a place to live, food source, and water
  3. make up plants, contain chloroplasts, have cell wall
  4. constantly flows inside the cell
  5. found in single celled organisms, lack a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles
  1. a prokaryotic cells
  2. b plant cells
  3. c cytoplasm
  4. d mitochondrian
  5. e organism

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  1. interferons
  2. latent virus is inactive and does not immediately destroy the host cell. Active virus does immediately destroy the host cell.
  3. similar structures
  4. active virus
  5. many celled organisms

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  1. Latent viruses do all of these exceptdestroys the host cell immediately.


  2. process materials and move them around in the cellGolgi body


  3. Compare and contrast one-celled and many celled organisms.Plant cells make up plants, animal cells make up animals, plant cells contain chloroplasts and a cell all, animal cells lack those.


  4. regulates interactions between the cell and it's environmentlatent virus


  5. A group of cells that work together do one celled organisms


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