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  1. evaporation
  2. deposition
  3. artesian spring
  4. sinkhole
  5. thermal pollution
  1. a process in which material is laid down
  2. b takes place when water from the oceans and earth's surface changes into water vapor
  3. c increase in water temperature
  4. d spring whose water flows from crack in the cap rock over the aquifer
  5. e when roof of the cave collapse, which leaves a circular depression

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  1. human-made hole that is deeper that the level of the water table
  2. minerals are sometimes deposited at places in a river where the current slows down
  3. the process by which wind, water, ice or gravity transports soil and sediment from one location to another
  4. pollution that comes from a specific site
  5. stream that flows into a lake or into a larger stream

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  1. sewage treatment plantfacility that cleans the waste materials found in water that comes from sewers or drains


  2. stalactitessharp, icicle-shaped features that form on cave ceilings


  3. stalagmiteswater that falls to the cave's floor adds to cone-shaped features


  4. water cycleupper surface of underground water; the upper boundary of the zone of saturation


  5. frictionforce that causes moving objects to slow down


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