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  1. levee
  2. stalactites
  3. delta
  4. turbidity
  5. secondary treatment
  1. a fan-shaped mass of material deposited at the mouth of a stream
  2. b buildup of sediment deposited along the channel of a river
  3. c sharp, icicle-shaped features that form on cave ceilings
  4. d water is sent to an aeration tank, where it is mixed with oxygen and bacteria
  5. e measure of the concentration of particles suspended in water

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  1. materials carried by a stream
  2. boundary between drainage areas that have streams that flow in opposite directions
  3. upper surface of underground water; the upper boundary of the zone of saturation
  4. water that falls to the cave's floor adds to cone-shaped features
  5. spring whose water flows from crack in the cap rock over the aquifer

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  1. watershedwhen streams become longer and wider


  2. porositythe process by which wind, water, ice or gravity transports soil and sediment from one location to another


  3. tributarystream that flows into a lake or into a larger stream


  4. wellfan-shaped mass of material deposited at the mouth of a stream


  5. alluvial fanfan-shaped mass of material deposited by a stream when the slope of the land decreases sharply


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