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  1. A large sheet of ice that moves slowly over land and that forms as snowfall accumulates
  2. Set of behaviors that are automatic and cannot be changed
  3. A large area covered with grass or grasslike plants such as a prairie or a meadow
  4. Seven traditionally designated areas of the world: Africa, North America, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, Asia, and South America
  5. The absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

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  1. Upward/Downward MobilityThe ability to make people comply with orders or commands willingly


  2. ValleyA long, low area of land between mountains or hills, often with a river running through it


  3. AnimismIdeas and concepts passed down from generation to generation through language


  4. MemesThe blueprint in the DNA of a living organism's cells- genes are passed down by reproduction


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