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  1. consists of the brain and the spinal cord
  2. thin fibers branching out from the cell body; they receive info from other neurons and pass the message through the cell body; carries info to the cell body
  3. regulates the body's vital functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and blood pressure; we generally do not think of these activities
  4. at the end of the axon, these small fibers branch out
  5. is made up of nerve cells that send messages between the CNS and other parts of the body

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  1. neuronstransmits messages away from the cell body; a neuron usually has only one axon; they vary greatly in length.


  2. neurotransmittersare nerve cells that run through our entire bodies and communicate with each other; each of us has 100 billion of these, most of which are in the brain


  3. spinal cordis a junction between the axon terminals of one neuron and the dendrites of another; messages only travel in one direction


  4. somatic nervous systemtransmits sensory messages to the central nervous system. Its function is to carry messages from voluntary muscles and sense organs


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