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  1. consists of the brain and the spinal cord
  2. produces energy that fuels the neuron's activity
  3. 2 parts: central and peripheral
  4. many axons are covered with this white fatty substance that insulates and protects the axon; this casing also helps to speed up the transmission of the messages sent by neurons
  5. thin fibers branching out from the cell body; they receive info from other neurons and pass the message through the cell body; carries info to the cell body

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  1. somatic nervous systemregulates the body's vital functions, such as heartbeat, breathing, digestion, and blood pressure; we generally do not think of these activities


  2. neurotransmittersneurons send messages across synapses through the release of this; these are the chemicals that are stored in sacs in the axon terminals


  3. axon terminalsare nerve cells that run through our entire bodies and communicate with each other; each of us has 100 billion of these, most of which are in the brain


  4. synapsetransmits messages away from the cell body; a neuron usually has only one axon; they vary greatly in length.


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