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  1. brackish
  2. propriety
  3. pejorative
  4. celerity
  5. undulate
  1. a (n.) correctness, appropriateness
  2. b (v.) to move in a wave-like motion
  3. c (adj.) having a salty taste and unpleasant to drink
  4. d (adj.) belittling, expressing disapproval
  5. e (n.) swiftness, speed, promptness

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  1. (n.) violent and destructive
  2. (adj.) not concealed or secret
  3. (v.) to approach in a challenging way
  4. (adj.) theatrical, melodramatic
  5. (adj.) intensely eager, enthusiastic

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  1. animadversion(adv.) without delay


  2. talisman(adj.) serene, tranquil, calm


  3. incendiary(n.) swiftness, speed, promptness


  4. devious(adj.) tricky, sly


  5. halcyon(v.) to approach in a challenging way


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