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  1. Full cost pricing
  2. Urban growth boundary
  3. Push factors
  4. Megalopolis
  5. Urban sprawl
  1. a a lawful boundary that prevents urban development outside
  2. b growth of low density urban development
  3. c basing the cost of a good or service on the internal and external costs of manufacturing the good or providing the serice
  4. d reasons to leave current location
  5. e a city with 10 million + people

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  1. reasons to move to a city
  2. form of urban planning that takes growth into account
    - strong zoning laws to prevent sprawl
    - growth boundaries: protection of ecosystems, inspiring high density - development of environmentally sustainable city - pubtrans
  3. roof covered in vegetation - helps combat heat-island effect
  4. human demand of biologically productive land and water needed to supply a population w/ renewable resources and to absorb/dispose of the wastes from that resource use
  5. a small city, thus promoting walking/pubtrans/biking, demoting private vehicle use

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  1. ZoningAbility of a surface to reflect light


  2. New urbanismpromotes:
    1. Walkability
    2. mixed-use/diversity
    3. quality urban design
    4. environmental sustainability
    5. smart transportation


  3. Microclimatea people oriented city:
    designed to encourage bike, walk, pubtrans
    vehicles/appliances meet high-effeciency standards

    local climate trees/plants: shade/biodiversity


  4. Light pollutionAny adverse effect of artificial light including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energy waste


  5. Mixed-use developmentdevelopment of a neighborhood that has more than just houses, but also basic necessities within a short distance


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