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These flash cards are from your second vocab list and are related to CHRISTIANITY.

Jesus of Nazareth

His name means "to save", he was Jewish, believed to be the Messiah by Christians, executed by crucifixion, taught and preached around Palestine, regerred to God as "my father", believed by his followers to be one of 3 aspects of the Divine. Became known as the King of the Jews


The Holy Text of Christianity, it consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament; Christians strives to obey it


Execution by being nailed to a cross or hung on a cross, Roman-era punishment for the worst criminals, the method of Jesus' execution. It was physically painful and humiliating; intended to send a message to potential criminals and deter them.


"The Annointed One" or "Savior", Christians believe this person was Jesus, Jews believe this person has not yet arrived


coming back from the dead, most important event in Jesus life, Christians celebrate it at Easter, Jesus' resurrection proved that there was life after death


mother of Jesus, Jewish, believed to have been a virgin when she conceived Jesus, Angel Gabriel informed her she would carry the child Jesus


"Good News"; they are the first four books of the New Testament (Mathew, Mark, Luke, John), best source of information we have about Jesus life, earliest Gospel (Mark) was written 35 years after Jesus' death. Believed to have been written by the 4 evangelists, but historical evidence cannot prove this as fact.

Adam & Eve

They were the first two people, Adam was the caretaker of Eden and Eve kept him company, the only rule from God was "Don't eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge", the snake convinced Eve to break that rule, she convinced Adam, all three were cursed by God in different ways for being disobedient. Adam and Eve are banned from Eden.

Fall from Grace

The first human disobedience: when Adam and Eve at the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge against God's instructions, they "fell" from a state of Grace (purity, perfection, paradise, etc.). This one act of disobedience is what brought SIN into the world for all of humankind, and made it so that every future generation of people is born with sin.

Original Sin

The idea that there was ONE single act of disobedience that brought "sin" into the world for all generations to come; According to Paul, Adam is to blame for disobeying God in the Garden of Eden and creating "Original Sin". According to Paul, Original Sin is the "problem" that Jesus solves by dying and becoming resurrected. Some Christians believe that human beings are all born sinful and that baptism is necessary to wipe away that sin.


died around 65 CE, Paul was an avid Christian who spread Jesus teachings all over the ancient world; Known as the "co-founder of Christianity", Paul is reponsible for getting Christianity off the ground. He systematically explained Jesus' message to Jews and Gentiles.
Paul blames Adam for sin and believes Jesus's death and resurrection offer people salvation from sin, and a chance to go to heaven (if they are good Christians)


"being saved": Salvation is the opportunity to go to heaven, even though Adam and Eve fell from Grace/brought Original Sin into the world


Greek word meaning "Messiah", it is the title that Christians give to Jesus of Nazareth because they believe he is the Messiah

New Testament

2nd half of the Christian bible; begins with the 4 Gospels which tell the story and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

Golden Rule

Taken from Mathew 7:12; it is the most famous of Jesus' teachings and instructs people to treat others as they want to be treated


Finding material vlaue to be more important than ethics or beliefs; concerned with material possessions and/or money




Person who believes in peace (not war); Jesus is the world's most famous pacifist




To go against tradition or ritual; anything greatly disliked.


The 3rd book of the Torah/Old testament; it is quoted by some Christians to express their oposition to homosexuality


most popular of the Near East cults, it has a number of traditions and rituals that would later be adapted by Christians


Ritual cleansing; part of Near East tradition, later adapted by Christians


One who accepts a certain teaching, a pupil; one of Jesus' 12 original followers


A letter in the Bible, as in Paul's Epistle to the Romans. It includes extensive analysis of scripture.


Christian belief that there are 3 aspects to the divine: Father, Son, Holy Spirit


A supporter of a certain idea, one who spreads a message. In Christianity, Paul is the most famous once because he is responsible for spreading Jesus' message in the early days of Christianity.

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