Pharmacology Chapter 12-14

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12 terms · Pharm. Chapter 12-14


Nonrapid eye movement


Rapid eye movement

Stage 1 of sleep cycle

aware of surroundings but relaxed

Stage 2 of sleep cycle

unaware of surroundings but easily awakened

Stage 3 and 4 sleep cycle

deeper stages of sleep particulary important for physical rest and restoration


monaminc oxidase inhibitors


a frequently prescribed benzodiazepine (trade name Restoril)


a major mental disorder that involves deterioration of the personality and abnormal behavior patterns.

Schizophrenia and mental depression are two main types of what?



involves mental disturbances that are usually caused by apprehension or fear.


a mental state that is charcterized by calmness and peace of mind


inhibitory neurotransmiiter in basal ganglia

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