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  1. Squander
  2. Martial
  3. Enervate
  4. Mundane
  5. Perfunctory
  1. a associated with war and the armed forces
  2. b cursory; done without care or interest
  3. c of the world; typical of or concerned with the ordinary
  4. d to waste by spending or using irresponsibly
  5. e to weaken; to reduce in vitality

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  1. the combination of parts to make a whole
  2. concerned and attentive; eager
  3. lacking sharpness of intellect; not clear or precise in thought or expression
  4. a song or hymn of praise and thanksgiving
  5. very learned; scholarly

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  1. Qualmsmisgivings; reservations; causes for hesitancy


  2. Noxioustroubling; burdensome


  3. Veracitytruthfulness, honesty


  4. Truculentextremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic


  5. Chicanerytrickery or subterfuge


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