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  1. relegate
  2. indiscriminate
  3. cohesive
  4. terse
  5. oblivious
  1. a to assign to a less important or less satisfying position, place, or condition
  2. b not chosen carefully; not based on careful selection
  3. c sticking or holding together; unified
  4. d unaware; failing to notice
  5. e brief and clear; effectively concise

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  1. healthy and strong; vigorous
  2. to authorize, allow, or approve
  3. vague; unclear
  4. to fall or decrease in value or price; to lower the value of
  5. to avoid by going around or as if by gong around; to escape from, prevent, or stop through cleverness

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  1. vociferousnoisy; expressing feelings loudly and intensely


  2. reticentquiet or uncommunicative; reluctant to speak out


  3. inundateto cover, as by flooding; overwhelm with a large number or amount


  4. attritionto authorize, allow, or approve


  5. repleteplentifully supplied; well-filled


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