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Audit committees should be made up of the most qualified directors regardless of whether they are part of management of the company.


Analytical procedures are seldom used during the risk assessment stage of an audit engagement because they are substantive procedures.


Preliminary arrangements with clients should be set forth in the management letter.


An audit plan includes a detailed listing of the audit procedures to be performed in the verification of items in the financial statements.


The auditors' tests of controls are designed to substantiate the fairness of specific financial statement accounts.


At least a portion of the auditors' consideration of internal control usually is performed at an interim date rather than at the balance sheet date.


The substantive approach to an audit is appropriate for many small businesses.


Confirming a bank account establishes existence but not rights to the cash balance.


The completeness of recording of assets is generally verified by tracing from the source documents to the recorded entry.


Vouching the acquisition of assets is an audit procedure that is often performed to establish the valuation of the assets.


Which of the following factors most likely would cause a CPA to not accept a new audit engagement

The prospective client is unwilling to make financial records available to the CPA.

Which of the following factors most likely would heighten an auditor's concern about the risk of fraudulent financial reporting

An overly complex organizational structure involving unusual lines of authority

Which of the following factors would most likely cause a CPA to decide not to accept a new audit engagement

Management's disregard for internal control

Which of the following matters is generally included in an auditor's engagement letter

Limitations of the engagement

Which of the following would heighten an auditor's concern about the risk of fraudulent financial reporting

Inability to generate positive cash flows from operations, while reporting large increases in earnings

To best test existence, an auditor would sample from the

General ledger to source documents

The auditors' understanding established with a client should be established through a (an)

Written communication with the client

Which of the following would be least likely to be considered an audit planning procedure

Perform the risk assessment

While assessing the risks of material misstatement auditors identify risks, relate risk to what could go wrong, consider the magnitude of risks and

Consider the likelihood that the risks could result in material misstatements

Which of the following is correct concerning requirements about auditor communications about fraud

Fraud that involves senior management should be reported directly to the audit committee regardless of the amount involved

A predecessor auditor will ordinarily initiate communication with the successor auditor

Neither prior nor subsequent to the successor's acceptance of the engagement

Which measure of materiality (or both) considers quantitative considerations

planning and evaluation

Which of the following factors most likely would lead a CPA to conclude that a potential audit engagement should not be accepted

It is unlikely that sufficient evidence is available to support an opinion on the financial statements

In using the information on the statement of cash flows while obtaining an understanding of a profitable, growing company, which of the following would ordinarily be least surprising to an auditor

Negative cash flows from investing

Audits of financial statements are designed to obtain reasonable assurance of detecting material misstatements due to

Errors and misappropriation of assets

Which of the following is not one of the assertions made by management about an account balance


The successor auditor has the responsibility to initiate contact with the predecessor auditor to ask about the client before the engagement is accepted; the predecessor has no responsibility to initiate this contact, even when aware of matters bearing on the integrity of management

The Professional Standards on changing auditors

Which of the following procedures is not performed as a part of planning an audit engagement

Confirmation of all major accounts

The risk of a material misstatement occurring in an account, assuming an absence of internal control, is referred to as

Inherent risk

Which of the following is least likely to be considered a financial statement audit risk factor

Management operating and financing decisions are dominated by top management

Which of the following is an example of fraudulent financial reporting

Company management falsifies inventory count tags thereby overstating ending inventory and understating cost of goods sold

Which of the following is most likely to be considered a risk factor relating to fraudulent financial reporting

Extreme degree of competition within the industry

Which of the following conditions identified during the audit increases the risk of employee fraud

Inventory items of small size, but high value

Which of the following statements is accurate about "fraud risk factors" considered when conducting an audit

Factors whose presence often have been observed in circumstances where frauds have occurred

Which of the following is not an example of a likely adjustment in the auditors' overall audit approach when significant risk is found to exist

Increase the assessed level of detection risk

Which of the following is least likely to be required on an audit

Make a legal determination of whether fraud has occurred

Which of the following is (are) considered a further audit procedure(s) that may be designed after assessing the risks of material misstatement

Substantive tests of details and substantive analytical procedures

Which of the following circumstances would an auditor most likely consider a risk factor relating to misstatements arising from fraudulent financial reporting

Management is interested in maintaining the entity's earnings trend by using aggressive accounting practices

A successor auditor is required to attempt communication with the predecessor auditor prior to

Accepting the engagement

If the business environment is experiencing a recession, the auditor most likely would focus increased attention on which of the following accounts

Allowance for doubtful accounts

The risk that the auditors' procedures will lead them to conclude that a material misstatement does not exist in an account balance when in fact such a misstatement does exist is referred to as

Detection risk

Which of the following statements is correct regarding the auditor's determination of materiality

The auditors' planning level of materiality may be disaggregated into smaller "tolerable misstatements" for the various accounts

The auditors must consider materiality in planning an audit engagement. Materiality for planning purposes is

The auditors' preliminary estimate of the smallest amount of misstatement that would be material to any one of the client's financial statements

Which of the following topics is not normally included in an engagement letter

The auditors' preliminary assessment of internal control

Which of the following is most likely to be an overall response to fraud risks identified in an audit

Use less predictable audit procedures

Which of the following is not an assertion that is made in the financial statements by management concerning each major account balance


Tests for unrecorded assets typically involve tracing from

Source documents to recorded journal entries

Tracing from source documents forward to ledgers is most likely to address which assertion related to posted entries


Determining that receivables are presented at net-realizable value is most directly related to which management assertion


Which of the following is not a general objective for the audit of asset accounts

Establishing proper liabilities relating to assets

Which of the following is not used by auditors to establish the completeness of recorded assets

Vouching transactions

To test for unsupported entries in the journals, the direction of audit testing should be to the

Original source documents

A form filed with the SEC when a company changes auditors is a

Form 8-K

Which of the following is least likely to render material a quantitatively small misstatement material

Arises from an item not capable of precise measurement

Which of the following is not a required source of information for the auditors' assessment of fraud risk

Results of tests of controls

Auditors must assess fraud risk on every audit and respond to the risks that are identified. Which of the following is not a procedure required to further address the fraud risk of management override of internal control

Examining physical controls over assets

Preliminary arrangements agreed to by the auditors and the client should be reduced to writing by the auditors. The best place to set forth these arrangements is in

An engagement letter

The auditors are planning an audit engagement for a new client in a business that is unfamiliar to the auditors. Which of the following would be the most useful source of information for the auditors during the preliminary planning stage when they are trying to obtain a general understanding of audit problems that might be encountered

Prior-year working papers of the predecessor auditors

The auditors will not ordinarily initiate discussion with the audit committee concerning the

Details of the procedures which the auditors intend to apply

Which statement is correct relating to a potential successor auditor's responsibility for communicating with the predecessor auditors in connection with a prospective new audit client

The successor auditors should obtain permission from the prospective client to contact the predecessor auditors

Which of the following situations would most likely require special audit planning by the auditors

Inventory is comprised of precious stones

When planning an audit, an auditor should

Make preliminary judgments about materiality levels for audit purposes

An auditor who accepts an audit engagement and does not possess the industry expertise of the business entity, should

Obtain a knowledge of matters that relate to the nature of the entity's business

With respect to the auditor's planning of a year-end audit, which of the following statements is always true

It is an acceptable practice to carry out parts of the examination at interim dates

Hawkins requested permission to communicate with the predecessor auditor and review certain portions of the predecessor auditor's working papers. The prospective client's refusal to permit this will bear directly on Hawkins' decision concerning the

Integrity of management

The auditor faces a risk that the audit will not detect material misstatements in the financial statements. In regard to minimizing this risk, the auditor primarily relies on

Substantive procedures

An abnormal fluctuation in gross profit that might suggest the need for extended audit procedures for sales and inventories would most likely be identified in the risk assessment phase of the audit by the use of

Analytical procedures

Before accepting an audit engagement, a successor auditor should make specific inquiries of the predecessor auditor regarding the predecessor's

Understanding as to the reasons for the change of auditors

Which of the following is least likely to be included in an auditor's inquiry of management while obtaining information to identify the risks of material misstatement due to fraud

Are all financial reporting operations at one location

An auditor selects a sample from the file of shipping documents to determine whether invoices were prepared. This test is performed to satisfy the audit objective of


Individuals who commit fraud are ordinarily able to rationalize the act and also have an


PCAOB standards suggest which of the following when interpreting the federal securities laws relating to materiality

A material amount would significantly alter the "total mix" of information made available to an investor

Which of the following is correct concerning the PCAOB's concept of a significant account

In deciding whether an account is a significant account one does not consider the effect of internal control

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