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  1. stress
  2. plateau
  3. shearing
  4. compression
  5. P wave
  1. a a force that acts on rock to change its shape and volume.
  2. b stress that pushes a mass of rock in two opposite directions
  3. c a large area of flat land elevated high above sea level
  4. d A type of seismic wave that compresses and expands the ground.
  5. e Stress force that squeezes rock until until it folds or breaks

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  1. instrument that records and measures seismic waves
  2. the rock on a normal fault that hangs above
  3. an earthquake that occurs after a larger earthquake in the same area.
  4. water displaced by an earthquake grows into a mountain of water as it approaches shallow
  5. number assigned by geologists based on the Earth quakes size

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  1. moment magnitude scalea rating system that estimates the total energy released by an earthquake


  2. strike-slip faultsame as a reverse fault except the blocks move in the opposite direction


  3. SYNCLINEa fold in rock that bends upward into an arch


  4. foot wallthe rock on a normal fault that lies below.


  5. anticlinea fold in rock that bends upward into an arch


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