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  1. brainstem; medulla oblongata; pons; midbrain; reticular formation
  2. trigeminal nerve
  3. third
  4. gyri
  5. V; IX-XII
  1. a The thalamus of the diencephalon is surrounded by the _____ ventricle.
  2. b
    a b c d e
  3. c Give the numbers of the cranial nerves with nuclei in the medulla oblongata.
  4. d All sympathetic and parasympathetic axons in the head follow branches or this cranial nerve to their target tissues.
  5. e Folds of the cortex of the cerebrum.

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  1. The _______ cerebellar peduncle goes to the medulla oblongata.
  2. Lobe of the cerebrum responsible for voluntary motor function, motivation, aggression, sense of smell, and mood.
  3. Cerebrum:
    ______ gyrus = primary motor cortex
    _______ gyrus = primary somatic sensory cortex
  4. Portion of the brainstem that is the sleep center.
  5. T or F: The medulla oblongata has both ascending and descending nerve tracts.

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  1. fourth ventricleVentricle associated with pons and medulla oblongata.


  2. endothelial; astrocytes; permeabilityBBB: (Three characteristics determining permeability.)

    ________ cells (lining all capillaries) have tight junctions between them.

    _______ have foot processes that influence capillary _______.

    Basement membrane of endothelium.


  3. sulciFolds of the cortex of the cerebrum.


  4. cerebrum; diencephalon; midbrainThe limbic system is part of the ______ and ________ of the brain.


  5. diffusion; mediatedNicotine, ethanol, and heroin cross the BBB by ________.
    Amino acids and glucose cross the BBB by ________ transport.


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