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  1. subarachnoid space
  2. sensory
  3. ependymal; blood vessels
  4. trigeminal
  5. cerebrum; brainstem
  1. a Space of web-like strands of arachnoid, blood vessels, and CSF.
  2. b Two pairs of cranial nerves arise from the ______, while ten pairs arise from the ________.
  3. c Choroid plexuses are composed of ______ cells, their support tissue, and associated _____ _______.
  4. d All sympathetic and parasympathetic axons in the head follow branches of the ______ nerve to their target tissues.
  5. e Thalamus:
    lateral posterior and pulvinar nuclei = ________ integration

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  1. Nicotine, ethanol, and heroin cross the BBB by ________.
    Amino acids and glucose cross the BBB by ________ transport.
  2. Portion of the brainstem that is the sleep center.

  3. a b c d e f g h i j k l
  4. Most inferior portion of the diencephalon.
  5. The third ventricle is within the _______ of the brain.

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  1. motor; somatic sensoryThalamus:
    lateral posterior and pulvinar nuclei = ________ integration


  2. thalamus


  3. pons; medulla oblongata; folia; arbor vitae; purkinje; purkinje cell; lateral hemispheres
    a b c d


  4. Endothelial; between; throughThe cortex in the cerebellum are folded in ridges called _____. _____ matter in the cerebellum resembles a tree, this is why it is called _____ vitae.


  5. pituitaryThe infundibulum connects the hypothalamus to the posterior _______ gland.


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