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  1. cerebellar peduncles
  2. cerebrum
  3. pons
  4. cerebral
  1. a Cerebellar Peduncles: Fiber tracts int he cerebellum that communicate with other parts of the brain.
  2. b Largets portion of the brain.
  3. c Lateral ventricles are within ______ hemispheres.
  4. d Portion of the brainstem that is the sleep center.

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  1. a b c d
  2. A circle of arteries that supply blood to the brain. (fun name!)
  3. Center of the cerebrum.
  4. Put the meninges of the brain in order from outermost to innermost.
  5. The brain receives __-__% of blood pumped by the heart.

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  1. medulla oblongataMost inferior part of the brainstem.


  2. mammillary bodiesLobe of the cerebrum responsible for reception and evaluation of sensory information except smell, hearing, and vision.


  3. middleCenter of the cerebrum.


  4. FalsePortion of the brainstem that is the sleep center.


  5. melaninThalamus:
    lateral dorsal nucleus = ______ regulation


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