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  1. glossopharyngeal nerve
  2. Habenular nucleus
  3. hypothalamus; mammillary body; infundibulum; pituitary gland
  4. brainstem; medulla oblongata; pons; midbrain; reticular formation
  5. precentral; postcentral
  1. a Cranial nerve that sends sensory information from the carotid to the brain.
  2. b
    a b c d e
  3. c Part of the epithalamus that causes an emotional and visceral response to odors.
  4. d Cerebrum:
    ______ gyrus = primary motor cortex
    _______ gyrus = primary somatic sensory cortex
  5. e
    a b c d

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  1. The brain receives blood through the internal _______ and ________ arteries.
  2. The thalamus of the diencephalon is surrounded by the _____ ventricle.
  3. T or F: The medulla oblongata has both ascending and descending nerve tracts.
  4. Interruption of this to the brain can cause unconsciousness and irreversible brain damage.
  5. Folds of the cortex of the cerebrum.

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  1. cerebrum; diencephalonThe limbic system is part of the ______ and ________ of the brain.


  2. frontal lobeLobe of the cerebrum responsible for voluntary motor function, motivation, aggression, sense of smell, and mood.


  3. control; computerPart of the cerebrum that sits between the precentral and postcentral gyrus.


  4. epithalamusPart of the diencephalon that contains parts of red nuclei and substantia nigra.


  5. motorT or F: Cranial nerves are part of the PNS that arises directly from the brain.


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