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  1. collection
  2. tornado
  3. monsoon
  4. Arctic Circle
  5. steppe
  1. a seasonal wind pattern
  2. b 66 1/2 degrees north latitude
  3. c streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean
  4. d partly dry grasslands which surround deserts
  5. e funnel shaped wind storm

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  1. vast Arctic plain without trees
  2. warm water in eastern Pacific about every three years
  3. water changes from a gas to a liquid
  4. mass of ice made from fresh water
  5. dry area on the inland side of a mountain

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  1. greenhouse effectgases create a warming of the atmosphere


  2. currentmoving stream of water in the ocean


  3. precipitationwater turns from liquid to a gas


  4. typhoonseasonal wind pattern


  5. humid continentalhot, humid summers and short, mild winters


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