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  1. condensation
  2. La Nina
  3. humid continental
  4. rain shadow
  5. glacier
  1. a dry area on the inland side of a mountain
  2. b eastern winds cool the Pacific
  3. c water changes from a gas to a liquid
  4. d mass of ice made from fresh water
  5. e cold, snowy winters and hot summers

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  1. elevation above which no trees grow
  2. area with the world's largest rain forest
  3. warm water in eastern Pacific about every three years
  4. area between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn
  5. broad tropical grassland with few trees

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  1. climatefunnel shaped wind storm


  2. rain forestdry area on the inland side of a mountain


  3. Mediterranean Seamild, rainy, winters and hot, dry summers


  4. local windeastern winds cool the Pacific


  5. droughtlong period of extreme dryness


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