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  1. groundwater
  2. weather
  3. aquifer
  4. tornado
  5. elevation
  1. a changes in the air during a short time
  2. b funnel shaped wind storm
  3. c height above sea level
  4. d water that fills cracks and holes in rock layers beneath the surface
  5. e rock layer through which water flows

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  1. area with the world's largest rain forest
  2. area between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn
  3. broad tropical grassland with few trees
  4. usual pattern of weather over a long time
  5. warm water in eastern Pacific about every three years

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  1. condensationwater changes from a gas to a liquid


  2. currentdriest climate region


  3. evaporationwater turns from liquid to a gas


  4. collectionstreams and rivers carry water back to the ocean


  5. glacierchanges in the air during a short time


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