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  1. elevation
  2. precipitation
  3. monsoon
  4. permafrost
  5. typhoon
  1. a permanently frozen soil layers
  2. b seasonal wind pattern
  3. c hurricane that forms in the Pacific Ocean
  4. d rain, snow, sleet, hail
  5. e height above sea level

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  1. cold, snowy winters and hot summers
  2. long period of extreme dryness
  3. rainy, mild winters and cool summers
  4. movement of water from the ocean to the air to the ground and back to the ocean
  5. water that fills cracks and holes in rock layers beneath the surface

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  1. local windcaused by conditions in a particular area


  2. condensationstreams and rivers carry water back to the ocean


  3. El Ninoeastern winds cool the Pacific


  4. aquifermass of ice made from fresh water


  5. currentviolent tropical storm that forms over the Atlantic Ocean


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