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  1. water cycle
  2. collection
  3. monsoon
  4. current
  5. drought
  1. a long period of extreme dryness
  2. b moving stream of water in the ocean
  3. c seasonal wind pattern
  4. d movement of water from the ocean to the air to the ground and back to the ocean
  5. e streams and rivers carry water back to the ocean

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  1. dry area on the inland side of a mountain
  2. warm ocean current that warms northwestern Europe
  3. mild, rainy, winters and hot, dry summers
  4. water if the form of a gas
  5. plant life

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  1. Antarcticaarea between the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn


  2. tundraeastern winds cool the Pacific


  3. groundwaterwater that fills cracks and holes in rock layers beneath the surface


  4. glacierchanges in the air during a short time


  5. humid continentalcold, snowy winters and hot summers


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