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  1. grace
  2. sacramental grace
  3. immanent
  4. ex opere operato
  5. faith and knowledge
  1. a two sources for faith about God in our lives
  2. b grace that enables us to particapate in the life of God in specific ways: forgiveness, priesthood, union, etc
  3. c deep within us
  4. d the active living presence of the Holy Spirit in us
  5. e a sacrament happens by the Holy Spirit, NOT the priest, makes it so

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  1. stays in the soul
  2. Council of Trent in 1547
  3. Marriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation
  4. it's what makes the soul holy and gives the soul supernatural life
  5. 1) must be proper matter (Baptism: water, chrism, white garment -new life)
    2) proper words or form (can't make up our marriage vows)
    3) must be presided by an ordained minister

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  1. epiclesismeans to make; we call DOWN the Holy Spirit to transform earthly things


  2. sacraments of healingreconciliation, annointing of the sick


  3. anamnesismeans to make; we call DOWN the Holy Spirit to transform earthly things


  4. Jesusthe primordial sacrament; starting point, encounter with God


  5. sanctifying gracespecific acts or challenges when God intervenes for a purpose


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