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Religion Test Sacraments and Grace 9.23.11 Test

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  1. sacramental grace in confirmation
  2. anamnesis
  3. sacraments celebrated only once
  4. sacramental grace
  5. sacraments must have these three elements
  1. a Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders
  2. b active remembering; remember to not forget - we remember in a way hat we also make present what we remember i.e. Eucharist PDR and we make it real by bringing Jesus into our midst once again
  3. c grace that enables us to particapate in the life of God in specific ways: forgiveness, priesthood, union, etc
  4. d 1) must be proper matter (Baptism: water, chrism, white garment -new life)
    2) proper words or form (can't make up our marriage vows)
    3) must be presided by an ordained minister
  5. e changes us from being 1 person into being fully initiated into the church

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  1. God sets up camp and moves into the soul and never leaves
  2. above and beyond
  3. the active living presence of the Holy Spirit in us
  4. it's what makes the soul holy and gives the soul supernatural life
  5. what we pray is what we believe & what we believe is what we pray

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  1. covenantdeep within us


  2. sacraments celebrated more than onceMarriage, Eucharist, Annointing of the Sick, Reconciliation


  3. Sacramentan efficacious sign of grace, instituted by Christ and entrusted to the church by which divine life is dispensed to us


  4. sacraments of initiationreconciliation, annointing of the sick


  5. sanctifying gracegrace given at Baptism and is the ongoing gift of God's life in us


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