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  1. accumulations of lymphatic tissue that prevent pathogens from entering the body through the throat
  2. tissue fluid that has entered the lymphatic vessels
  3. connects the cementum to the jawbone
  4. hormones that regulate sugar levels throughout the body
  5. bean-shaped organs that filter waste products and excess water from the blood
  1. a insulin, glucagon
  2. b periodontal membrane
  3. c lymph
  4. d tonsils, adenoids
  5. e kidney

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  1. transports food from the mouth to the stomach
  2. hinge joints, pivot joints, ball-and-socket joints
  3. duodenum
  4. ureter
  5. the largest part of the brain; divided into two hemispheres; controls conscious thought and reason

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  1. the hardest substance in the body that covers the crownenamel


  2. colonpharynx


  3. small intestineconnects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord; responsible for the body's automatic activities


  4. What are the three major functions of the liver in the digestive system?gallbladder


  5. navel; the place where the umbilical cord is attached to a babyumbilicus


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