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  1. stomach
  2. a hormone that regulates the body's metabolism
  3. backbone
  4. Why is the cardiovascular system important to every cell in the body?
  5. another term for conception
  1. a thyroxine
  2. b all cells need nutrients and oxygen to function; the cardiovascular system delivers these needed substances to the cell. Every cell generates waste products from its metabolism; the cardiovascular system delivers these wastes to the respiratory and excretory systems for removal from the body.
  3. c fertilization
  4. d vertebral column
  5. e churns food and mixes it with digestive juices to liquefy it; stores food until it is released to the small intestine

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  1. liver
  2. destroy infected cells to eliminate intruders
  3. a wrinkled, fist-sized mass located at the back of the brain below the cerebrum; responsible for balance and muscle coordination
  4. pharynx
  5. alveoli

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  1. the system that accounts for about half of the body's weightmuscular system


  2. the structure God designed to keep food from entering the tracheaepiglottis


  3. Why all parts of the body are important and must work togetherbecause no part is capable of functioning on its own. Each system works to perform one general task for the body, but no system could complete its task without all the others. Each organ must work to complete its specific task within its system; a system without all its organs could not function. All of the individual tissues within an organ must also work together, no single tissue could perform the organ's function alone. Each tissue needs several types of cells working together to function and serve its purpose for the whole body.


  4. a saclike organ beneath the liver that stores bileperiodontal membrane


  5. the involuntary contraction of the muscles in the esophagus that pushes the food toward the stomachappendicular skeleton


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