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  1. helper T cells
  2. brain stem
  3. the common name for epinephrine
  4. the tissue type that provides motion
  5. a mother's womb
  1. a adrenaline
  2. b connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord; responsible for the body's automatic activities
  3. c muscle tissue
  4. d uterus
  5. e activate B cells

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  1. bone, cartilage, adipose, blood, loose connective tissue, dens connective tissue
  2. a wrinkled, fist-sized mass located at the back of the brain below the cerebrum; responsible for balance and muscle coordination
  3. crown
  4. pituitary gland
  5. enamel

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  1. How does a muscle move the insertion?toward the origin.


  2. cerebrumthe largest part of the brain; divided into two hemispheres; controls conscious thought and reason


  3. the system of defense that fights invading microorganismsimmune system


  4. a hollow space that helps the voice resonate and lightens the skullthyroxine


  5. the three locations that contain most of the body's lymph nodesneck, underarms, groin


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