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  1. When does a human being's life begin?
  2. the involuntary contraction of the muscles in the esophagus that pushes the food toward the stomach
  3. gland in the endocrine system that produces hormones and releases them directly into the body
  4. storage sac for liquid waste (urine)
  5. Why is the cardiovascular system important to every cell in the body?
  1. a conception
  2. b bladder
  3. c peristalsis
  4. d all cells need nutrients and oxygen to function; the cardiovascular system delivers these needed substances to the cell. Every cell generates waste products from its metabolism; the cardiovascular system delivers these wastes to the respiratory and excretory systems for removal from the body.
  5. e endocrine gland

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  1. gallbladder
  2. mucous membrane
  3. food is chewed and mixed with saliva, which contains enzymes that break down starch
  4. prepare the body should it ever have to defend against a repelled pathogen again
  5. pituitary gland

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  1. six types of connective tissuebone, cartilage, adipose, blood, loose connective tissue, dens connective tissue


  2. liquid supplied by the cardiovascular system that surrounds every cell in the body; help cells stay clean and maintain the right water balancemuscular system


  3. a tough, slipper membrane that encloses the heartpericardium


  4. disease-causing organismpathogen


  5. the brains three main partscerebrum
    brain stem


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