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  1. a chemical substance responsible for controlling many automatic activities of the body
  2. bean-shaped organs that filter waste products and excess water from the blood
  3. brain stem
  4. B cells
  5. blood cell which transports oxygen to the other cells of the body
  1. a connects the rest of the brain to the spinal cord; responsible for the body's automatic activities
  2. b red blood cell
  3. c produce antibodies
  4. d kidney
  5. e hormone

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  1. muscular system
  2. filter out and dispose of dead cells and microbes in the blood; serve as a "storage tank" for blood
  3. eliminates indigestible wastes as feces
  4. adrenaline
  5. enamel

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  1. the layer of cells just below the dermissubcutaneous layer


  2. helper T cellsdestroy infected cells to eliminate intruders


  3. cells that fit tightly together to form protective barriersroot


  4. the "master gland" whose hormones control the action of other endocrine glandspituitary gland


  5. the system that excretes wastes from the bodyurethra


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