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  1. allusion
  2. parallelism
  3. mythologized
  4. joy and peace of mind
  5. he realized he needed family
  1. a arranging words to be similar in form
  2. b What would the pearl bring to a person in "Colomber" ?
  3. c "By the Waters of Babylon" is an example of what?
  4. d How do we know time has elasped in "By the Waters of Babylon" ?
  5. e turning point in "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket" ?

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  1. What is this an example of: "I tried to think of my knowledge but it was a squirrel's heap of winter nuts" ?
  2. setting in "Colomber"
  3. framework of a story
  4. What is "The Storyteller" an example of?
  5. What is the quilt symbolic of in "Everyday Use"

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  1. title towards Psalm 137 and it compares Jerusalem to New YorkWhy is the daughter resistant to the mother in "Two Kinds" ?


  2. satireauthor's characteristic manner of expression


  3. lifeWhat is the cold equation?


  4. loveWhat is the cold equation?


  5. it adds a sense of mystery to it and lets us see what he's thinkingWhy is it important that "By the Waters of Babylon" is written in a first person point of view?


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