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  1. allusion
  2. flashback
  3. external conflict
  4. third person
  5. foreshadowing
  1. a What is this an example of: " I was seven the year the house caught fire" ?
  2. b What is this an example of: "lips destined never again to meet" ?
  3. c struggle between the character and an outside source
  4. d "By the Waters of Babylon" is an example of what?
  5. e narrator distinguished by "he,she,it"

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  1. What is the man's profession in "The Pedestrian" ?
  2. antagonist in "Colomber"
  3. framework of a story
  4. author's characteristic manner of expression
  5. In "The Leap", the grave stone seems to become clearer, what does this symbolize?

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  1. he realized he needed familyturning point in "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket" ?


  2. she took a leap to reach her child and it took faith to have her professionsignificance of title in "The Leap"


  3. first person narrationpoint of view in "By the Waters of Babylon"


  4. victim and his familyWho could see the colomber in the story "Colomber" ?


  5. Dino Buzzatisituation is different than expected


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