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  1. allusion
  2. Alice Walker
  3. third person
  4. story of their survival and hardships
  5. life
  1. a narrator distinguished by "he,she,it"
  2. b "By the Waters of Babylon" is an example of what?
  3. c What is the quilt symbolic of in "Everyday Use"
  4. d author of "Everyday Use"
  5. e What is the cold equation?

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  1. Why is it important that "By the Waters of Babylon" is written in a first person point of view?
  2. writing style of the "Storyteller"
  3. situation is different than expected
  4. What is the colomber viewed as by Stefano?
  5. a glimpse into the past

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  1. Stephen Vincenet BenetWhat does the colomber symbolize?


  2. first person narrationWhat did the author NOT use to make the time seem to move more slowly in "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket" ?


  3. satirewriting that ridicules to bring about change


  4. SakiWhat is "The Storyteller" an example of?


  5. plotframework of a story


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