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  1. conflict
  2. Italian coast and country
  3. climax
  4. first person narration
  5. Jack Finney
  1. a What did the author NOT use to make the time seem to move more slowly in "Contents of Dead Man's Pocket" ?
  2. b struggle between opposing forces
  3. c crucial moment in story when the conflict is revealed
  4. d author of "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket"
  5. e setting in "Colomber"

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  1. a glimpse into the past
  2. author of "The Leap"
  3. In "By the Waters of Babylon" its implied that the gods treated knowledge how?
  4. In "The Leap", the grave stone seems to become clearer, what does this symbolize?
  5. What is this an example of: " I was seven the year the house caught fire" ?

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  1. Stephen Vincenet BenetWhat does the colomber symbolize?


  2. obsessed with technology and selfishWhat were the people like in "The Pedestrian"


  3. Frank McCourtauthor of "Typhoid Fever"


  4. Sakiauthor of "The Storyteller"


  5. Amy Tanauthor of "Two Kinds"


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