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  1. enemy and a friend
  2. first person
  3. wordy and lengthy
  4. story of their survival and hardships
  5. satire
  1. a writing style of "The Pedestrian"
  2. b narrator distinguished by using the word " I "
  3. c What is the colomber viewed as by Stefano?
  4. d writing that ridicules to bring about change
  5. e What is the quilt symbolic of in "Everyday Use"

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  1. climax in the "Colomber"
  2. author of "Colomber"
  3. author of "Everyday Use"
  4. narrator who knows everything about everyone
  5. protagonist in "Colomber"

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  1. Stephen Vincenet BenetWhat is this an example of: "then the pencil would resume whispering" ?


  2. Amy Tanauthor of "Two Kinds"


  3. love,work,friendsWhat is this an example of: "lips destined never again to meet" ?


  4. lifeWhat is the cold equation?


  5. readmoral/lesson of a story


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