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  1. satire
  2. both are capable of good
  3. victim and his family
  4. Amy Tan
  5. first person
  1. a In "The Cold Equations", which comparison isn't made between nature and technology?
  2. b author of "Two Kinds"
  3. c writing that ridicules to bring about change
  4. d narrator distinguished by using the word " I "
  5. e Who could see the colomber in the story "Colomber" ?

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  1. What does the title imply in "Everyday Use"
  2. Why is the daughter resistant to the mother in "Two Kinds" ?
  3. arranging words to be similar in form
  4. climax in the "Colomber"
  5. theme of "Colomber"

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  1. Jack Finneyauthor of "Contents of a Dead Man's Pocket"


  2. they had to be ejectedWhat was the law regarding stow-aways in "The Cold Equations" ?


  3. have courage to take risks in the future and it takes faith to liveWhy is the daughter resistant to the mother in "Two Kinds" ?


  4. plotframework of a story


  5. gloomy and depressingmood of "The Pedestrian"


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