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  1. the belief that God made the world but abandoned it after he created it.
  2. mind
  3. God creates out of nothing
    God creates with order
    God makes man in His image and likeness, set apart from all other creatures.
    Man is the culmination of God's creative work.
    It is only after the Creation on man that God calls His work, very good.
    God draws all of creation into a covenant with Himself when he rests on the seventh day
  4. designate the Father, SOn, and Holy Spirit in the real distinction among them
  5. lack of perfection
  1. a hypostasis
  2. b evil
  3. c 4 parts of man that can be engaged in prayer/God.
  4. d What are 6 things we learn about God through his creation?
  5. e deism

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  1. dualism
  2. 3 ways of prayer:
  3. 2 things our Lord teach us about prayer is:
  4. substance
  5. materialism

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  1. Seraphim
    9 types of angels:


  2. 6 daysHow many persons are there in God?


  3. sin, the free choice to reject God and his plan for our living goodnessmoral evils


  4. intelligence and free willHow do we speak about God?


  5. In order to punish sin. Can bring good out of evilHow does creation relate to our salvation?


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