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  1. analogies and metaphors
  2. lack of perfection
  3. the foundation of God's plan
  4. We would cease to exist
  5. designate the divine being in its unity
  1. a evil
  2. b substance
  3. c What would happen if God stopped willing our existence?
  4. d How does creation relate to our salvation?
  5. e How do we speak about God?

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  1. What 5 ways is man made by God's Image and Likeness?
  2. hypostasis
  3. pantheism
  4. ex nihilo
  5. 9 types of angels:

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  1. vocal/mental
    4 parts of man that can be engaged in prayer/God.


  2. mind
    4 parts of man that can be engaged in prayer/God.


  3. heresy that says that each person of the trinity is a different mask that God wearsModalism/sabellianism


  4. the Our Father and to pray humblyWhat part of man should prayer properly engage?


  5. 6 daysHow many persons are there in God?


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