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  1. the belief that God made the world but abandoned it after he created it.
  2. everything is God, the world is God.
  3. analogies and metaphors
  4. whole body and soul
  5. In order to punish sin. Can bring good out of evil
  1. a deism
  2. b Why does God permit physical evils?
  3. c How do we speak about God?
  4. d pantheism
  5. e What part of man should prayer properly engage?

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  1. substance
  2. How many persons are there in God?
  3. What are 6 things we learn about God through his creation?
  4. What would happen if God stopped willing our existence?
  5. relation

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  1. out of nothingex nihilo


  2. evil is the lack of some perfection. Example: Darkness is the absence of lightmaterialism


  3. intelligence and free willHow do we speak about God?


  4. Pure act
    Pure being
    Pure simplicity
    10 attribute of God:


  5. the belief that there are two gods, an evil one and a good one. Evil creates the materialistic world and Good created the spiritual world.dualism


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