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  1. the belief that everything was made without a divine origin
  2. Man is the only visible creature that is able to know and love his creator.
    He is the only creator on Earth the God has willed for its own sake.
    He alone is called to share in God's life.
    Man is not just a something, but a someone.
    Man is both bodily and spiritual.
  3. the foundation of God's plan
  4. out of nothing
  5. mystery. Our knowledge and language of God are limited.
  1. a How does creation relate to our salvation?
  2. b What 5 ways is man made by God's Image and Likeness?
  3. c God is a _______. What does this mean?
  4. d ex nihilo
  5. e materialism

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  1. How long did it take God to create the world?
  2. 2 things our Lord teach us about prayer is:
  3. pantheism
  4. What 2 gifts do angels possess?
  5. hypostasis

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  1. inferior; superiorAngels are ______ to God and ________to man.


  2. designate the divine being in its unitysubstance


  3. analogies and metaphorsHow do we speak about God?


  4. the belief that God made the world but abandoned it after he created it.materialism


  5. Seraphim
    9 types of angels:


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