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  1. designate the divine being in its unity
  2. lack of perfection
  3. evil is the lack of some perfection. Example: Darkness is the absence of light
  4. distinguish who we are in relation to others. designate the fact that their distinction lies in the relationship of each to the others. (relations in God are essential)
  5. heresy that says that each person of the trinity is a different mask that God wears
  1. a Privation theory
  2. b relation
  3. c substance
  4. d Modalism/sabellianism
  5. e evil

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  1. pantheism
  2. What are 6 things we learn about God through his creation?
  3. 10 attribute of God:
  4. How long did it take God to create the world?
  5. ex nihilo

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  1. the Our Father and to pray humbly2 things our Lord teach us about prayer is:


  2. analogies and metaphorsWhat part of man should prayer properly engage?


  3. the belief that everything was made without a divine originpantheism


  4. intelligence and free willHow do we speak about God?


  5. whole body and soulWhat part of man should prayer properly engage?


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