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  1. impenetrable
  2. amalgamate
  3. covert
  4. limpid
  5. transcend
  1. a 1. impossible to pierce, break through, or enter
    2. incomprehensible
  2. b concealed or hidden; not openly practiced or shown
  3. c 1. to pass beyond the limits of; to be greater than; to surpass
    2. to exist above and independent of
  4. d 1. tranpsarent, clear
    2. calm, untroubled, and serene
    3. easily intelligible or understood
  5. e to combine into a unified or an integrated whole; to unite

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  1. 1. clearly apparent or obvious
    2. to show or demonstrate plainly; to reveal
    3. a list of passengers or cargo on a ship, plane, truck, or train
  2. 1. sharing an edge or boundary; adjacent
    2. connecting in time without a break; uninterrupted
  3. the interaction or cooperation of agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects
  4. incapable of being affected, harmed, or broken into
  5. extend in different directions from a common point
    2. to differ in opinion or in manner
    3. to depart from a set course or norm; to deviate

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  1. adjunct1. to draw or bring out; elicit
    2. to assume from evidence or facts; to deduce


  2. arcaneequality in amount, status, or value


  3. adumbrate1. to describe roughly or vaguely; to give a sketchy outline of
    2. to foreshadow
    3. to overshadow


  4. conclaveknown or understood only by a few


  5. fathomto understand or comprehend


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