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  1. diffuse
  2. parity
  3. limpid
  4. adjunct
  5. conclave
  1. a 1. something or someone attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position
    2. added or connected in a subordinate, temporary, or auxiliary position
  2. b 1. tranpsarent, clear
    2. calm, untroubled, and serene
    3. easily intelligible or understood
  3. c equality in amount, status, or value
  4. d 1. a secret or confidential meeting
    2. a meeting of family members or associates
  5. e 1. widely spread or scattered; not concentrated
    2. wordy or unclear
    3. to spread / scatter

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  1. 1. to describe roughly or vaguely; to give a sketchy outline of
    2. to foreshadow
    3. to overshadow
  2. incapable of being affected, harmed, or broken into
  3. 1. to draw or bring out; elicit
    2. to assume from evidence or facts; to deduce
  4. 1. a person from one's own country
    2. a colleague
  5. 1. impossible to pierce, break through, or enter
    2. incomprehensible

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  1. arcane1. to draw or bring out; elicit
    2. to assume from evidence or facts; to deduce


  2. contiguous1. sharing an edge or boundary; adjacent
    2. connecting in time without a break; uninterrupted


  3. covertconcealed or hidden; not openly practiced or shown


  4. nebulous1. cloudy, misty, or hazy
    2. vague; without defined form or limits


  5. synergythe interaction or cooperation of agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects


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