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  1. Preload
  2. Diastolic Pressure
  3. Apical Heart Rate
  4. Stertorous Breathing
  5. Arrhythmia
  1. a Number of ventricular contractions per minute
  2. b Volume of blood that fills the heart and stretches the heart muscle fibers during its resting phase (volume of blood in ventricles at end of diastole, just prior to contraction)
  3. c Noisy Breathing ( Noisy Ventilation)
  4. d Irregular pattern of heartbeats
  5. e Pressure in the arterial system when the heart relaxes and fills with blood during Diastole.

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  1. Pressure in the arterial system when heart contracts (first sound heard when taking blood pressure, measure of pressure caused when ventricles contract and blood is pushed out of heart)
  2. Equipment that allows the simultaneous collection of multiple vital sign data
  3. Sudden but temporary drop in blood pressure when rising from a reclining or seated position
  4. Pattern of the pulsations and pauses between them (Regularity- time interval between heartbeats)
  5. Heart rate and consequently pulse rate become consistently lower than average with regular exercise (improvement increased in exercise)

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  1. Pulse RateNumber of peripheral arterial pulsations palpated in a minute (the rate at which the heart beats)


  2. CerumenElevated body temperature (relating to a fever)


  3. HypoventilationDiminished Breathing (Reduced Breathing)


  4. Doppler StethoscopeDevice that helps detect sounds created by the velocity of blood moving through a blood vessel


  5. SphygmomanometerDevice for measuring blood pressure ( blood pressure cuff)


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