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  1. interdependent
  2. illogical
  3. mal-
  4. monochrome
  5. mislead
  1. a having one color
  2. b not reasonable or sensible
  3. c bad
  4. d deceive, to lead into error of conduct or thought; to lead astray
  5. e unable to exist or survive without the other

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  1. lack of variation, sameness leading to boredom
  2. no, not
  3. an incorrect or unsuitable name
  4. between, among
  5. to fail to operate in a normal manner

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  1. malnourishedimproper nutrition in one's diet


  2. nonlinearwithout words or speech, using gestures


  3. interpretbetween, among


  4. in-inside, into


  5. invalidone who is disabled by illness or injury; not credible or acceptable


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