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  1. mal-
  2. interpret
  3. malfunction
  4. in-
  5. mis-
  1. a bad
  2. b to fail to operate in a normal manner
  3. c to explain the meaning of; make sense of
  4. d inside, into
  5. e wrong

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  1. without words or speech, using gestures
  2. no, not
  3. to control something and prevent others from using it
  4. not, without
  5. unable to exist or survive without the other

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  1. illogicalnot reasonable or sensible


  2. impartialfree from bias or favoritism, fair


  3. malnourisheddeceive, to lead into error of conduct or thought; to lead astray


  4. mono-one


  5. nonlinearwithout words or speech, using gestures


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