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  1. non-
  2. mono-
  3. monochrome
  4. mis-
  5. international
  1. a one
  2. b relating to two or more countries
  3. c having one color
  4. d wrong
  5. e no, not

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  1. unable to exist or survive without the other
  2. an instance of bad fortune; mishap, an unlucky accident
  3. inside, into
  4. not reasonable or sensible
  5. improper nutrition in one's diet

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  1. malfunctionlack of variation, sameness leading to boredom


  2. nonconformistto control something and prevent others from using it


  3. nonlinearwithout words or speech, using gestures


  4. invalidone who is disabled by illness or injury; not credible or acceptable


  5. interiorbetween, among


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