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  1. inter-
  2. nonlinear
  3. malevolent
  4. nonconformist
  5. interpret
  1. a to explain the meaning of; make sense of
  2. b wishing evil or harm to another or others
  3. c not a straight line
  4. d between, among
  5. e a person who refuses to follow established ideas or ways of doing things

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  1. improper nutrition in one's diet
  2. deceive, to lead into error of conduct or thought; to lead astray
  3. an incorrect or unsuitable name
  4. wrong
  5. free from bias or favoritism, fair

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  1. monotonylack of variation, sameness leading to boredom


  2. monopolizeto control something and prevent others from using it


  3. interiorthe inner or enclosed surface of something


  4. malfunctionlack of variation, sameness leading to boredom


  5. nonverbalnot a straight line


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