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  1. Polygamy
  2. Conjugal relationships
  3. Consanguineous relationships
  4. The family of orientation
  5. Myths
  1. a The family in which we grew up
  2. b created through biological ties. (through birth)
  3. c Universal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family
  4. d Family relationships created through marriage
  5. e The practice of having two or more spouses at a time.
    The preferred marital arrangement worldwide.

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  1. The practice of having two or more wives.
  2. Outside forces shape family experiences
  3. Group of related families
  4. The practice of having only one spouse at a time
  5. Middle class version of the nuclear family

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  1. Nuclear FamilyMother, father, and children


  2. Kinship systemOur attitudes and beliefs affect and distort views...
    Experience vs expertise
    Ongoing social controversy


  3. Conservative Perspectivecultural values have shifted from individual self sacrifice toward personal self-fulfillment


  4. Social institutionthe shaping of individual behavior to conform to social or cultural norms


  5. Families are dynamicIf one family member does an action-it affects the entire family


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