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  1. Consanguineous relationships
  2. Traditional Family
  3. Myths
  4. Family of cohabitation
  5. Household
  1. a Middle class version of the nuclear family
  2. b Universal Nuclear family
    Self reliant traditional family
  3. c created through biological ties. (through birth)
  4. d One or more people-everyone living in a housing unit
  5. e Family formed through living or cohabiting with another person, whether they are married or unmarried

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  1. Common term for the family formed through marriage and childbearing
  2. Outside forces shape family experiences
  3. If one family member does an action-it affects the entire family
  4. Male: Instrumental

    Female: Expressive
    Emotional expression
  5. Provision of intimacy
    Formation of a cooperative economic unit
    Reproduction and socialization
    Assignment of social roles and status

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  1. The family of orientationThe family in which we grew up


  2. Centrist perspectiveShare aspects of both liberal and conservative positions


  3. Why we live in familiesMother, father, and children


  4. PolygamyThe practice of having two or more wives.


  5. Conservative Perspectivecultural values have shifted from individual self sacrifice toward personal self-fulfillment


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