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  1. tumors, cysts, phlegm nodules, fibroids
  2. GB 26 (daimai), gb 27, gb 28
  3. dai mai
  4. SJ 15, GB 21, neck, jaw, GB 13
  5. connecting, linking, making a network, gathering channels together
  1. a The yang wei mai crosses the top of the shoulder going thru points _____ & ______ then ascends along the ________ and ______, then passes anterior to the ear as far as the forehead thru the point _________.
  2. b Dai Mai: Runs obliquely downwards through _____ (________), ________, and _________, encircling the waist like a belt.
  3. c Name 4 meanings for "wei."
  4. d Name 4 types of pathological masses treated via the chong mai.
  5. e The only horizontal meridian on the body.

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  1. Where the chong mai begins.
  2. Chong mai master point
  3. The chong mai pathway coincides with what other 2 channels and shares their functions of controlling and regulating all 12 Regular Channels? Together, these 3 are known as the 3 branches.
  4. Chong mai coupled point
  5. Chong mai coalescent points

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  1. GB 41Yang wei coupled point.


  2. HT, chest & ST disorders; emotional disorders; disharmony of yin & yang wei channels.2 functions (physiology) of Chong Mai


  3. tai yang, shao yangThe yang wei mai dominates the qi of the yang channels, particularly which 2 (from 6-pattern differentiation)?


  4. dominates the interior, balances the emotions, links the yin channelsName the 4 functions (physiologies) of the yang wei.


  5. LV 3This point is sometimes included as a coalescent point of the Chong because of its name, taichong.


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