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  1. 5
  2. leg, heel, foot, big toe
  3. LV 3
  4. sea of blood
  5. LV 14
  1. a Chong Mai: 5th branch separates from the ____ branch at the _____, crosses the ______ and terminates at the _____ ______.
  2. b Another name for the chong mai.
  3. c How many branches does the chong mai have?
  4. d The Yin Wei ascends along the medial aspect of the leg and thigh to the lower abdomen, ascends the ribs to _______.
  5. e This point is sometimes included as a coalescent point of the Chong because of its name, taichong.

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  1. 1st branch of the chong ascends inside the _______ _______.
  2. Name 7 pathologies of the yang wei mai according to Ni.
  3. The chong mai pathway coincides with what other 2 channels and shares their functions of controlling and regulating all 12 Regular Channels? Together, these 3 are known as the 3 branches.
  4. Dai mai master point
  5. Dai mai coalescent points

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  1. ST 30 (qichong), legs, popliteal fossa, lower leg, sole, footThe Yin Wei ascends to the throat to meet the ____________ ________ at Tiantu _______ and ______.


  2. HT, chest & ST disorders; emotional disorders; disharmony of yin & yang wei channels.Name 3 pathologies of the yin wei mai according to Ni.


  3. region of LV 13Where the dai mai originates.


  4. GB 26 (daimai), gb 27, gb 28Dai mai coalescent points


  5. GB 35Yang wei coupled point.


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