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  1. fluid
  2. animosity
  3. Anim
  4. unanimous
  5. equanimity
  1. a ill will, violent hatred (usually leading to active opposition)
  2. b evenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness
  3. c of one mind, in complete accord
  4. d substance that flows, or not rigid, changing easily
  5. e mind, will, spirit

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  1. flow like a wave, move up and down, change often and irregularly, be unsteady
  2. serving to end an unsettled matter, conclusive, final
  3. end, conclusion
  4. kinship, sympathy, liking, attraction
  5. cause to be born again, put a new life into, reform completely

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  1. Am, Amorlove, liking, friendliness


  2. Finend, conclusion


  3. animusill will (usually controlled)


  4. influxinflow, inpouring


  5. Gen, Gener, Genitsink to a lower class or standard, grow worse, deteriorate


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