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  1. Fin
  2. unanimous
  3. Am, Amor
  4. genre
  5. fluent
  1. a ready with a flow of words, speaking or writing easily
  2. b end, boundary, limit
  3. c love, liking, friendliness
  4. d kind, sort, category
  5. e of one mind, in complete accord

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  1. ancestor to whom a group traces its birth, forefather
  2. ill will (usually controlled)
  3. oneness of mind, complete agreement
  4. Flow
  5. inflamed with love, charmed, captivated

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  1. fluxcontinuous flow or changing, unceasing change


  2. definitivekinship, sympathy, liking, attraction


  3. amiablelovable, good-natured, pleasant and agreeable


  4. amitymind, will, spirit


  5. Fluctuateflow like a wave, move up and down, change often and irregularly, be unsteady


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