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  1. Anim
  2. unanimity
  3. amity
  4. Am, Amor
  5. affinity
  1. a friendship, goodwill, friendly relations
  2. b mind, will, spirit
  3. c love, liking, friendliness
  4. d kinship, sympathy, liking, attraction
  5. e oneness of mind, complete agreement

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  1. end of final part of a musical composition, play, opera, etc.
  2. serving to end an unsettled matter, conclusive, final
  3. person who follows a particular pursuit as a pastime, rather than as a profession, or one who preforms poorly; inexperienced person
  4. inflow, inpouring
  5. end, boundary, limit

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  1. finisend, conclusion


  2. progenitorancestor to whom a group traces its birth, forefather


  3. regeneratecause to be born again, put a new life into, reform completely


  4. equanimityevenness of mind or temper, emotional balance, composure, calmness


  5. animosityill will, violent hatred (usually leading to active opposition)


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