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  1. Great Awakening
  2. tenant farmer
  3. George Whitefield
  4. the passage of British restrictions on trade encouraged colonial merchants to...
  5. Molasses Act
  1. a attempt by British authorities to squelch colonial trade with French West Indies
  2. b itinerant British evangelist who spread the Great Awakening throughout the colonies
  3. c find ways to smuggle and otherwise evade the law by trading with other countries
  4. d one who rents rather than owns land
  5. e spectacular, emotional religious revival of the 1730s and 1740s

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  1. popular term for convicted criminals dumped on colonies by British authorities
  2. agriculture
  3. those who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue
  4. popular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate
  5. Scots-Irish frontiersmen who protested against colonial elites of Pennsylvania and North Carolina

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  1. Baptistspopular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate


  2. councilthe capacity to pass readily from one social or economic condition to another


  3. compared with the seventeenth century, American colonial society in the eighteenth century showed...greater gaps in wealth and status between rich and poor; however, there was also greater opportunity for convicts and indentured servants to climb to the top


  4. Indians and African Americans shared in the common American experience of...its poorly qualified clergy and close ties with British authorities


  5. secta small religious group that has broken away from some larger mainstream church, often claiming superior or exclusive possession of religious truth


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