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  1. Scots-Irish
  2. tenant farmer
  3. mobility
  4. Indians and African Americans shared in the common American experience of...
  5. the most honored professional in colonial America was the...
  1. a creating new cultures and societies out of the mingling of diverse ethinc groups
  2. b group that settled the frontier, made whiskey, and hated the British and other governmental authorities
  3. c clergyman
  4. d the capacity to pass readily from one social or economic condition to another
  5. e one who rents rather than owns land

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  1. ministers who supported the Great Awakening against the "old light" clergy who rejected it
  2. colonial printer whose case helped begin freedom of the press
  3. popular term for convicted criminals dumped on colonies by British authorities
  4. broke down sectional boundaries and created a greater sense of common American identity
  5. Anglicans and Congregationalists

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  1. collegesthe upper house of a colonial legislature, appointed by the crown or the proprietor


  2. apprenticelandowners of substantial property, social standing, and leisure, but not titled nobility


  3. Scots-Irishthe upper house of a colonial legislature, appointed by the crown or the proprietor


  4. Paxton Boys and RegulatorsScots-Irish frontiersmen who protested against colonial elites of Pennsylvania and North Carolina


  5. stratificationbuying land or anything else in the hope of profiting by an expected rise in price


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