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  1. new lights
  2. Indians and African Americans shared in the common American experience of...
  3. Zenger Trial
  4. Johnathan Edwards
  5. among the many important results of the Great Awakening was that it...
  1. a the case that established the precedent that true statements about public officials could not be prosecuted as libel
  2. b ministers who supported the Great Awakening against the "old light" clergy who rejected it
  3. c creating new cultures and societies out of the mingling of diverse ethinc groups
  4. d brilliant New England theologian who instigated the Great Awakening
  5. e broke down sectional boundaries and created a greater sense of common American identity

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  1. a person who works under a master to acquire instruction in a trade or profession
  2. term for New England settlements where Indians from various tribes were gathered to be Christianized
  3. the visible arrangement of society into a hierarchical pattern, with distinct social groups layered one on top of the other
  4. small but profitable trade route that linked New England, Africa, and the West Indies
  5. the frontier areas

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  1. Scots-Irishnonestablished religious group that benefited from the Great Awakening


  2. councilthe upper house of a colonial legislature, appointed by the crown or the proprietor


  3. John Singleton Copleycolonial painter who studied an worked in Britian


  4. Paxton Boys and Regulatorsthose who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue


  5. Jayle Birdspopular colonial centers of recreation, gossip, and political debate


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