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  1. Baptists
  2. Great Awakening
  3. colleges
  4. Regulator Movement
  5. Quakers
  1. a nonestablished religious group that benefited from the Great Awakening
  2. b spectacular, emotional religious revival of the 1730s and 1740s
  3. c dominant religious group in colonial Pennsylvania, criticized by others for their attitudes towards Indians
  4. d institutions that were founded in greater numbers as a result of the Great Awakening
  5. e rebellious movement of frontiersmen in the southern colonies that included future President Andrew Jackson

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  1. the smaller group at the top of a society or institution, usually possessing wealth, power, or special privileges
  2. author, scientist, printer; "the first civilized American"
  3. greater gaps in wealth and status between rich and poor; however, there was also greater opportunity for convicts and indentured servants to climb to the top
  4. Benjamin Franklin's hightly popular collection of information, parables, and advice
  5. term for tax-supported condition of Congregational and Anglican churches, but not Baptists, Quakers, and Roman Catholics

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  1. Paxton Boys and RegulatorsScots-Irish frontiersmen who protested against colonial elites of Pennsylvania and North Carolina


  2. stratificationthe visible arrangement of society into a hierarchical pattern, with distinct social groups layered one on top of the other


  3. revivalin religion, a movement of renewed enthusiasm and commitment, often accompanied by special meetings or evagelical activity


  4. the Anglican Church suffered in colonial America because of...its poorly qualified clergy and close ties with British authorities


  5. George Whitefielditinerant British evangelist who spread the Great Awakening throughout the colonies


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