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  1. an unfortunate group of involuntary immigrants who ranked even below indentured servants on the American social scale were...
  2. new lights
  3. gentry
  4. John Singleton Copley
  5. agitators
  1. a ministers who supported the Great Awakening against the "old light" clergy who rejected it
  2. b colonial painter who studied an worked in Britian
  3. c landowners of substantial property, social standing, and leisure, but not titled nobility
  4. d those who seek to excite or persuade the public on some issue
  5. e convicts and paupers

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  1. colonial printer whose case helped begin freedom of the press
  2. a home for poor, supported by charity or public funds
  3. news and political opinion
  4. former slave who became a poet at an early age
  5. institutions that were founded in greater numbers as a result of the Great Awakening

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  1. Molasses Actinstitutions that were founded in greater numbers as a result of the Great Awakening


  2. councilcorruption of a German word used as a term for German immigrants in Pennsylvania


  3. secta small religious group that has broken away from some larger mainstream church, often claiming superior or exclusive possession of religious truth


  4. the two denominations that enjoyed the status of "established" churches in various colonies were the...Pennsylvania


  5. Benjamin Franklinauthor, scientist, printer; "the first civilized American"


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